Thursday, October 06, 2005


Our True Wealth

"The kingdom of heaven is at hand." (Matthew 10: 7)
The world we live in is wealthy beyond belief. Each of us is more wealthy than we would ever dream of. This wealth is right in front of us.

What is this wealth?

Have you ever wondered about the amount of creative intelligence needed to sustain the world we live in? What about all the energy used to keep us in health, and the energy we use to think? Have you ever wondered about all the energy we use to make mechanical stuff and the energy we use in electricity? Don't forget the energy that sustains nature. While I know that the world can be even more beautiful and perfect, it is still awesome to think of how much intelligence already exists right here and now. What about the intelligence that sustains the universe and other galaxies? Mind boggling, isn't it?

Well, this Energy is our true wealth.

How does one get access to this wealth?

When I studied pranic healing, we were taught that prana (also known as chi, ki, mana, the breath of life) is the energy or "life-force" that sustains our bodies and keeps us in good health. The main source of prana is the sun, the earth and the air. To access this energy you simply put out the intent which makes you receptive to the energy, which you can channel to anyone that needs it or help you "create" what you need.

Actually, this life force is everywhere. It is Energy in its purest form which is giving manifestations to the various worlds and realities. One way I access this energy is by intending the Energy through my senses, meaning, I intend that every moment I see, feel, taste, smell or hear something or someone, I am receiving Energy.

Another way to get access to this Energy is to realise that I am Energy.

Now do you see how simple it is to be sustained? Food is only an infinitesimal part of sustaining your health. You can be sustained by simply drinking the Energy through your senses.

Yesterday evening on my bus journey home, I observed this Energy behind every movement, every object, everyone I saw, cars, buses, in shops, everywhere. I drank this Energy in like one would drink water from a tap.

Is it the same Energy behind all forms? Surely they must be different, given how much variations of forms there are?

There is only the One Source of Energy. The same Energy that gives me the ideas to write is the same Energy that is used to build a car. This Energy is pure in intent. How we use it is another matter.

So I've got access to pure Energy, now what?

Remember that this Energy has intelligence; and it is creative or you wouldn't have the diversity of forms around us. Also, it is the same Energy that we use to think. This Energy doesn't differentiate whether our thoughts are for "good" or "bad." The Energy simply is. You have to use it with pure intent, whatever that means for you.

Know also that this Energy can take any shape or form; there are no limits. Look around you and you can see that it is the same Energy appearing according to man's belief.

So put out the intent that you are receiving the Energy or that you are the Energy and you can send it wherever you want it to go in thought or intent. When you are not using the Energy, put out the intent to let it flow through you and make your whole body whole and everything perfect.

Our true wealth - "the Kingdom of Heaven" - is right here and now. Have fun with it.

Love and Light,

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