Thursday, September 01, 2005


What is Intention?

I am sitting in a bookshop browsing. All but one of the comfy chairs are occupied. A man turns up, drops a book on the empty chair and heads off somewhere. After a few minutes a woman appears and asks whether the empty chair is taken. A man on the next chair says it’s free but I tell the woman I saw a man dump his book on the chair signifying he intends to sit on it. The woman walks away to find another chair.

The man returns with a drink and claims "his" chair. Just before I leave our eyes meet. We grin at each other. I wonder if he realises he's just demonstrated the power of intention?

Intention is an important facet of creation. It is letting the Universe know what you wish to experience, just like the man had made his intent known, that he wanted that chair, by dropping a book on it. If I had paid no attention to his intent, someone else would have occupied that chair. Thus, one’s intention has to be made very clear to the Universe in thought, word or deed.

Do you need intention when you are in a place of Love? Certainly. It's no use being Love without an intention. Without intention, you are going round in circles. Intention is making a firm decision to head to a certain place as opposed to another.

Intention is the direction you are headed in during a journey.
Intention is the will and wisdom that enables one to achieve a certain goal.

Once the intention is made, I trust in Intelligence to carry out the intention.

For instance, I haven't worn a watch in a long time (excuse the pun). If I'm going to meet someone I always put out an intention of what time I wish to arrive and I arrive on the dot. I remember once I was going to meet someone in town. For some reason I kept delaying the time to leave. Then I received an email from my friend telling me he couldn't make it that day. If I had left earlier I would have missed his email.

When I remember I also put out an intention to wake up at a particular time, and I always wake up as intended.

Intention involves trusting in the Universe.
Intention never fails.

With love,

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