Friday, September 02, 2005


What is Intention? - Part Deux

Last night I watched a Christian TV programme with my mother that was celebrating the 10th anniversary of the channel. The founders claim to have been guided by God to move from South Africa to set up a Christian channel in the UK to attract 1 billion souls to Christianity. The founders talked about the trials of raising money and fighting the cynicism of the mainstream media. Against all the odds they succeeded. Now hundreds of millions of people worldwide have access to several Christian channels. They still haven't yet achieved their goal but they believe they will get there.

It's curious how they saw the recent hurricane in New Orleans, the bombings in London and other disasters as signs of the end-times predicted in the scriptures, and also signalling the second coming of Christ. The founders believe that Christian channels are there to teach the world that Jesus is everyone's Lord and saviour and the only way back to God.

Whether you believe in following a religion or not, which I don't, I see this is as another example of the power of intention. The founders of the channel put out their intention of attracting 1 billion souls and they believe this will happen in time.

That's the thing about intention - if you don't put out your own intention, someone else is going to make it for you; and you end up being a follower like lamb to the slaughter. You are subjected to someone's interpretation of the scriptures and other people's rules about how to live.

Now I appreciate everyone has free will to follow someone's intention. I also have free will to put out my own intention. So here goes...

My intention is that all of humanity, in all dimensions, is awake to the truth of being that every single human is sovereign i.e. each of us is the One in manifestation. The One, the God-presence within, is everyone's light and salvation. No one needs a medium to be the One. Everyone is already perfect, and nothing can be added to or taken away from one's perfection.

I love intentions, me.

With love,

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