Friday, September 02, 2005


What is Intention? - Part 3

Intention is the equivalent of having a mission statement.

A comedian has an intention to make people laugh and will use any tools he can to achieve this. Granted, not everyone will find him funny but that doesn't take away from his intention of wanting to make others laugh. Even if he got one person to laugh out loud, his goal would have been accomplished.

The intention of this website is self-realisation. I am therefore sharing my direct experiences of Oneness/Self which I intend will inspire readers to look within to Self, not to instruct others how to live their lives. That intention is always in mind when I write. The intention is with me in all aspects of my life, reminding me to be true to mySelf and giving others freedom to be true to who they are.

There is another blog I'm involved in whose intention is comedy. As I see it, anything is fair game. It's perfectly OK to take the piss out of anything and think up stories that make me laugh. It's a bonus if others find what I write funny. If not, as long as I find it funny that's the main thing.

My ultimate intention is to be mySelf and have fun no matter what. Life would be very dull otherwise.

Love always,

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