Monday, September 26, 2005


We Are Always Right

The thing about life is we are always right. If you think the world is a dangerous place, you attract experiences that validate your beliefs. The more experiences you have, the more they reinforce your beliefs about the universe being dangerous, which end up being your truth. And the more you're right.

Earlier today, I discussed a particular bus route with my mother which she says is always delayed whenever she needs it. My mother has one experience of the bus being delayed. Based on her previous experience, she expects her next journey to be the same and attracts the same experience. The more she has the same experiences the more they become her truth. This truth is now so ingrained in her psyche, she can't imagine another reality. I use that bus route from time to time and it is always there when I need it. I can't, however, deny my mother's truth, which is valid. Nor can I deny my truth, which is equally valid.

On my way to the bus station this morning, I walked past a man who was pulling along his suitcase. While I sat down waiting for my bus the same man came and sat beside me. I asked him if he was going on holidays. He said he was on his way to Turkey; he was about to catch the local train to the airport but he was resting because of his heart. He said he was going to have an operation in Turkey, where he’s originally from. He said he's been called up twice by his local NHS (National Health Service) hospital. Each time he's been examined and then put on a waiting list. He said he would rather have the operation in Turkey which is very cheap. At least he won't have to wait for his operation. I gave him my best wishes.

My experience of hospitals, when I used to use them, was very different. Years back I had a cyst. After my doctor had examined me he sent me to the local hospital that same evening. The doctor at the local hospital asked me to return the very next day for the operation. That was pretty fast. Some people might argue that it was because of the area I was living in which had better medical facilities. That might be the case. It is also possible that my expectations attracted me to live in that area. On the other hand, I always expected excellent medical services and I always received them wherever I have lived.

So I could appreciate where this man was coming from. I couldn't possibly deny his truth. But I also know that my experience of the NHS has always been excellent. I can’t deny my truth either.

We all get what we expect. The problem is when others try to project their beliefs on other people. They see people who are happy and joyful and they want them to be miserable. They accuse those who are happy as not living in the real world. Why can't we all be miserable together?

Funny enough on my bus journey I sat beside two young college girls. They were discussing various celebrities and what they get up to. They talked about the outfits some celebrities wear and how awful they looked and how they should behave. This was an example of how one can project one’s belief and expectations on others.

I have no problem with people who choose to be miserable and expect the worse. I support them all the way in their beliefs and accept their truth. But don’t expect me to deny my truth so I can wallow in the mire with you. It isn’t going to happen, sweetheart. You are free to have your beliefs and I am free to have mine.

I live in a universe that is loving, safe, superabundant and I am always filled with joy. That is my truth and I’m sticking to it.

And, of course, I am always right.

Love and Light,

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