Friday, September 16, 2005


The Ultimate Challenge

"The only way to pass any test is to take the test. All tests on every level are always repeated one way or another until you pass." ("Mutant Message Down Under" by Marlo Morgan)
Have you noticed how blissful babies are? They don't have to worry about a thing because all their needs are taken care of as if by magic. They have no concept as to how a food is prepared or where his mother got the food from. Food just appears when needed; his nappy is changed when the need arises, and life is effortless.

As kids grow older they are made aware as to where things come from, depending on the parent's beliefs of course. In most cases, children are raised by parents who believe that nothing is for free, and that you have to work hard to live. The child is taught that food comes from the supermarket that mummy and daddy have to pay for, and mummy and daddy have to go to work to earn money so they can buy food. Food doesn't appear by magic, mummy (or daddy) has to prepare the meal. In time, the child is taught how to prepare a meal. The child also realises that some dreams don't come true because mummy and daddy simply can't afford it. As for Father Christmas, he's another myth that has no place in reality.

The child learns how to take care of his personal needs, and so his orientation continues until he becomes an adult, when he's expected to take care of himself.

Whatever happened to your blissful nature? What happened to your perfect soft skin, your radiant smile and those big cheeks that everyone wants to kiss. And what are those lines on your face? Come to think of it, how come people don't love you the way they used to? My blissful nature was thrown out with the baby's water, baby included. It is time to get real, time to focus on how to resolve things for yourself with a little help from the various experts out there.

Just because you know how to navigate yourself in the world doesn't mean your knowledge is sufficient to take care of your needs. You really only know what you have been socialised to believe is true for you; it doesn't mean your truth is appropriate for every situation. One can get so stuck in seeing things one way and forget that there is an unlimited way of being.

Where am I going with this? Haven't a clue.

Seriously, my experience of self-realisation, awakening to my real nature, is that I came to realise that many thing I knew to be true was, er, untruth. (I wouldn't want to offend any of my readers by saying it's all BULLSHIT). I had to become like a child again, going through a learning process, or a process of unlearning what I had believed to be true. For instance, I realised much of what I thought was true about nutrition and health were simply beliefs. I realised I got sick because I had bought into the collective belief of humanity.

Let me digress for a moment. Have you noticed people who are born blind or being blind for a long time, like the singer, Stevie Wonder, still grow old. How come when they can't see anyone? Because it is consciousness, the beliefs one have, that quicken or slow down the body. That's life in the human fast lane!

Where was I? Ah yes. I realised that there's no need to go rushing to a doctor. I simply need to change my belief by realising that I am already perfect and so it is. But the truth sounds like madness at first. How can it be so different from what we have been socialised is true? That's the power of beliefs for you.

One can spend a whole lifetime correcting previous errors and there will always be tons more to correct. Truth is vast beyond comprehension. Instead of constantly swapping beliefs why not junk all beliefs? Why not surrender all to Self? What do I mean by this?

I, for one, realise there are some issues I cannot resolve on the human level. I've tried and I keep coming back to the same stumbling block? Why? Because I am not getting the full picture. But I know a Man who does. Self/the One is Infinite Intelligence, Power and Love. So why not surrender all to the One who knows all.

So I say: Well Self, I have tried and have learned much from you but there's way too much stuff to learn or unlearn. To be honest, I really can't be bothered. I want to return to my blissful nature as a baby when everything was done effortlessly. I am handing everything to you, and I mean everything. No matter what I want to achieve, I hand it to you. You do it and I'll just show up and take credit for it. Only kidding. You do realise I'm kidding, right?

Self: Yes I do realise you are kidding. Hum, when you say everything, do you mean everything?

Me: Yes everything including my health, finances, work, friends, where I should live, leisure activities, the colour of my hair, what lipstick looks good on me, everything.

Self: And what about your desire you sometimes have to help others when your way is not always appropriate for the other?

Me: That's an excellent point, Self. You are not Ms Know It All for nothing. I surrender my need to change or save the world. I surrender the world to you.

Self: So be it.

Me: Yay! Freedom at last!

Then I put my feet up and enjoy. When I get the temptation to take control, I remember to hand the thought back to Self. No matter what it is, I surrender it to Self.

Suddenly, I hear the voice of reason aka Control Freak: How can you surrender everything to Self? Surely you've got to play your part, you have to co-create with God, right?

Me: There is only the One that is manifesting in all. The One is the Spirit Self who is manifesting as this human self. Why not surrender all to the Spirit who knows everything and wants the best for me?

Control Freak: But, but, how can this work in practice? What about work?

Me: There are no compartments in Self. Self is the same Self whether you are at work, playing, making love, or typing a memo. It's not as if I won't be doing anything. From time to time, Self channels information through me that I need to be aware of and I write it down or act on it.

Surrendering all to Self is the ultimate challenge, and taking the test is part of the challenge. This involves trust in Self.

Following is a testimony I received from a friend recently who is taking the test to surrender all to Self, even work related issues.

"Dear Enocia,

My colleague called me regarding a technical issue which he was not able to solve. I saw the problem and realized that the issue is strange. We have tried it several ways it didn't work out. Immediately, I prayed like: "My dear Higher Self, I don't want to go to my place without solving the problem. Please solve the problem!" I repeated several times. Suddenly one idea came out which was also tried by him. He gave critical smile and told me "Already I tried V it didn't work!" BUT IT WORKED WELL!! I happily went to my place. I expressed lots of thanks to my higher self."
While I am taking the test I also treat the test as fun. I NEVER beat myself up if I lapse and want to take control because I know Self never stops loving me whether I trust or not. It's just important for me to pass the test.

Taking the test makes for a blissful life experience.

The good news is compared to the baby, at least I can speak. Not being able to speak would drive me absolutely gaga.

Anyone else interested in taking the test?

Love and Light,

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