Friday, September 09, 2005


True to the Music

A while back, a dear friend sent me an email as follows

"True to the music, true to you.

"A poem, write a poem kid, write as fast as you can, make noise, make sound."
It really spoke to me. I love it. Thank you JS.

While I am here to play the game of life, I am also very aware that I must be true to who I am. The game of life is like a multicoloured jumper. Many different colour wools have been used to knit this jumper. Each colour represents one's unique way of being Self, and yet, the different colours come together to create the jumper.

If one is not vigilant, one can confuse the intricate knitted jumper for one's Self. Then you get led from pillar to post looking for answers from others instead of knowing you are already All There Is.

Let's say I am purple wool involved in the knitting pattern. While I am happy to be involved in the design to produce the jumper, I am also very aware of my nature as purple wool. I focus on being my purple self while playing the game of knitting other jumpers. I can get involved in zillions of knitting patterns and yet still being true to who I am.

I travel by bus a lot. I've noticed that when bus drivers are changing shifts, the new driver has to adjust the seat and mirrors to match his or her requirement. All bus drivers can drive buses but they all drive in their own way.

Because I am unique, the way I express my joy is also uniquely me. While I can say "Let there be Joy," the way I express that Joy is uniquely me. The other day I consciously put out an intent to be in joy. I had been browsing in a bookshop. On my way out I heard the bookshop manager calling customers' attention to a book sale, where they were flogging books off for £1 each. After examining what they had to offer I said to the manager, "You should be paying us to get these off your hands." We both laughed.

On the way home I saw a bendy bus. It didn't have the bus route number or the destination in front but it stopped at my stop. I got on anyway. A few stops down more passengers got on. They asked the driver why he was driving a bus with no destination sign. I said to a fellow passenger that we were on a journey to nowhere. This made me giggle.

I noticed the passenger sitting in front of me had a face like a sad Smilie. I don't think he was sad it was just the way he looked. That gave me the giggles. I tried not to look at him and tittered to myself. Other passengers got on. For some reason the sad Smilie passenger found them hilarious and he started giggling to himself. That set me off again.

As you can see I was expressing my joy in my own way. I find joy infectious in terms of it enables others to express joy in their own unique ways.

So yes, I enjoy being part of the fabric of life, playing my part. Yet I remain true to myself.

Another thing - while I enjoy other people's expression of Self, I would never want to be anyone but me. I love being Me.

Self, the Love that we are, is unique to each of us. Self is our unique God-presence that enables us to experience life. Even if we all dissolved into Light, I would still feel my individual note resonating in the Allness.

I am true to the music. I am true to mySelf.


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