Monday, September 26, 2005


Travelling Companions

We are all travelling companions supporting one another on our journeys. Sometimes we are conscious of this and sometimes we are not. Here is one such example that happened yesterday.

My friend and I have been exchanging emails about my purpose and why I write. Here's what my friend wrote in response to my email:

"This is a great line:

'What I am passionate about is self-realisation, inspiring others to be true to who they are.'
"I had a speech teacher who stressed "Observation". That was looking at ordinary things, articulating or writing about them in a Journal and then using those as "parables" in your speaking. You do that very well. That gives people something to relate to as you make your point. I have read that even the most personal and seemingly most individual, rare and unusual experiences, when written or told, will find an audience that knows exactly what you are saying. It helps to hear it from another because it is then that we often learn the value of our experience."
My friend's response describes my writings perfectly. I've decided to reply to his email, but I am in two minds whether to go to an internet cafe or to take a bus ride to the closest library that opens on a Sunday. I decide to go to the library. It will give me the opportunity to rummage through their books on spirituality.

I have an idea what time I should leave to catch my bus but I’ve also noticed an episode of Andromeda coming up which has the gorgeous Kevin Sorbo as Captain Dylan. Damn! If I stay and watch it, I might not get on to the Internet. I owe it to myself to at least watch the opening sequence of Andromeda. Captain Dylan is gorgeous! Pfwoar! Do I have to go out now? Can't I delay the email till tomorrow? Never mind. Captain Dylan, we'll meet again soon.

I see my mother at the bus station. She's on her way back from church and waiting for her last bus home. We chat about her journey. She says her bus is always the last to arrive, particularly on a Sunday. My bus soon arrives and I'm off. As we are leaving the station I notice my mother’s bus approaching. My mother was so right as usual - her bus was the last one to arrive. The Universe has given her exactly what she expected. Hehehe!

On the bus journey I ponder about how we are always creating our realities according to our expectations. The Universe doesn’t play favourites. She finds a way to bring about everyone’s expectations and beliefs into manifestation.

During the journey, a woman I'll refer to as T sits beside me. Another woman on her right asks her if the bus is travelling on a particular road. T says it does. T asks the passenger what house number she is looking for. She tells her. It turns out T's sister used to live at that house and has recently sold it. This passenger is the new owner.

I am thinking to myself that there is no such thing as a coincidence. These two women have been brought together for a purpose. They have a chat. The bus drops the passenger right outside the house.

I’m intrigued by the synchronicity and engage T in a conversation. We discuss how amazing it is for her to sit right next to that passenger. T she believes it all has to do with timing; things happen when the time is right and you have to be open to it. I tell her that maybe she was meant to meet the woman for some purpose. T says she and her sister had heard that the new owner runs old people’s homes. T and her sister have been wondering whether the new owner was going to convert the house to another home or live there. T now knows the new owner intends to live in the house. I tell T she’s had her question answered. T explains how she ended up getting this bus. She says her son is about to go off to university and she’s in town to buy some stuff for her son. She says she could have left a lot earlier but she had some laundry to do. Seems like the Universe arranged her day perfectly so she could travel on the bus with me and the other passenger.

I tell T I love stories like this and that I intend to use her story on my blog. I give her the website address. T tells me that her Internet has been down and only just started working. She will now be able to read this story. (If you are reading T, thank you for making my journey so enjoyable and interesting. All the best to you and your family).

In the library the first book I notice is The Magical Approach by Jane Roberts. I have a quick browse. It talks about the natural self's approach to life which involves synchronicity like I've just witnessed. I respond to my friend's email.

When I leave the library I'm in two minds whether to go home or go for a bus ride. One bus arrives. I could go home via a different route but I can't be bothered. I wait for my bus instead. On a bus seat I notice some poor sod has dropped two packets of sweets. Oh well, I'll have them. Thank you, whoever you are. I'm still in two minds whether I should get off and go for a walk by the canal. The bus is now packed full. It feels like such a hassle to fight my way through these passengers so I decide to stay on. At the last stop I am still in two minds whether I should go for a walk or not. I head for the local park but then I don't feel like it. I head home instead.

When I arrive home I notice my mother is watching Hercules: The Legendary Journeys starring Kevin Sorbo. No wonder I was feeling apathetic about going for a walk, which I usually enjoy. The Universe was trying to give me alternative entertainment. So I enjoy half an hour of pure bliss watching Kevin as Hercules. Isn't life grand?

The Universe is always helping us to fulfil our dreams. Like a bus route that attracts passengers going to a similar destination, the Universe seems to attract people sharing similar dreams. It is the Universe's way of killing several birds with one stone. Haha!

As for me, I got to do what I loved as well as receiving excellent material for my blog.

Life is magical.

Love and Light,

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