Saturday, September 24, 2005


More Examples About Focusing Your Attention

In the last article, I wrote that what you focus your attention on magnifies. Here are a few more examples.

When I'm on the Internet, I tend to have several pages open at once: my email, my blog, and other sites. While I focus on one thing at a time, I'm also aware when not to focus on something. For instance, I have found that if I'm downloading something or opening an attachment, it seems to take ages when my attention is on it. Why? Because I think it is slow so my attention magnifies the situation and it takes forever. So I leave it alone and focus my attention on something else. This also happens when I am trying to post on my blog and it's taking ages. I focus my energy elsewhere.

I find when waiting for a bus it seems to take ages when I am in a place of waiting. It's as if my attention increases the waiting time. Plus my thoughts of waiting ar picked up by other passengers. Together, we create a reality of delays or whatever. On the other hand, when I am just enjoying being in the moment, the bus seems to appear instantly like it's just manifested out of thin air.

I also find when I put pressure on myself to achieve something in such and such a time, I feel a sort of resistance and things don't flow. So I tell myself I have all the time in the world and there is no hurry. What happens is that I achieve whatever it is in no time and have tons more time to do other things.

I have also learned to focus on what is perfect about my body rather than focus on what is not. If I notice a spot, instead of focusing all my attention on it I feel other parts of my skin that are smooth and flawless. Wonders of wonders, the spot disappears. Try it, it works.

If I can't solve something, I only make it bigger by thinking about it. So I focus my attention on something else such as watching television, reading, writing, humming a tune or recalling nice memories. This is the rationale behind surrendering everything to God, Divine Love, your Higher Self or whatever you believe in. Surrendering is the quickest way to bring order into your life.

Have you noticed history seems to repeat itself? You watch the news and read newspapers and focus your attentions on news reports about natural disasters, wars and the likes, wonder about the cause, then expect the disaster to go away and not be repeated. Illogical! These things will happen over and over again until people learn to focus only on what they want to happen such as peace and love. Now if I watch the news or read a newspaper, I do so with the intention to bless others with Love; or I look for evidence of love and beauty.

Finally, here's a game I learned on a personal development course to demonstrate the power of attention. You need a partner to play with.

On whatever hand you feel comfortable, form a circle with your thumb and pointer (index) finger. Make sure your fingers are relaxed. Now get your partner to pull your fingers apart. Do not resist, just let it happen.

Now repeat the exercise. This time, after you have formed the circle, focus all your attention in the circle. Nothing else matters but that circle. When you are ready, nod to your partner for him/her to pull your fingers apart. Did you notice any difference?
This exercise demonstrates the power of attention or your lack thereof.

Your attention has power. Use it wisely.

Love and Light,

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