Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Modelling Part 2 - Self-Mastery

"Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." (Matthew 5: 48)

"Beyond the material illusion though, is the pure awareness and experience of God’s love. Your true-self is in this experience right now, as is your client’s true-self. When we give psychic readings, we "read" the ego. If your client or deceased loved one fully lived in a true-self state, your reading will be, 'I see love, I feel love, I hear love, and I know love.'

"Matter, thought, and energies all intersect on one plane of existence. Spirit is on a different but parallel plane. On the material plane there is energy and the experience of matter, time, and movement. On the true-self plane, there is only the pure experience of love, oneness or unity. No thought is necessary because there is nothing to think about and no comparisons to make. There is no doing, because doing implies improving or getting something. In the true-self plane, where all is perfect there is nothing to improve upon and nothing that needs additions or fixing. These are all functions of the body, which is a material perspective." (The Lightworker's Way by Doreen Virtue)
In a previous article, I discussed NLP modelling as the art of modelling the thought patterns, behaviour and beliefs of one who has attained mastery in a particular field so you can achieve the same results. I also concluded that the ultimate model for me is Self, who is perfect and unconditional Love.

This is how I achieved Self-mastery.

Years ago I had a disagreement of sorts with a friend I met at an evening class. I no longer remember the details but I remember being very angry with her. The next day I went to a group meditation session. Before the session started I had a good moan to the facilitator and criticised my friend for being such and such. The facilitator listened without saying anything. It was then it occurred to me that I had behaved in the same way in the past. I stopped complaining and felt immense guilt and self-loathing.

The meditation was about feeling divine energy flowing from Source and circulating this energy to the different chakras, but I couldn't concentrate. I was too busy berating myself for what I'd said about my friend when I was the same way. Then I felt this energy, what I can only describe as pure Love melting away all guilt. I kept saying "sorry" but the Love melted my apologies. I heard a voice within saying "I love you, it's OK, I love you, it's OK." The more I apologised the more the Love just kept pouring until I felt brand new. I was in utter bliss.

The next time I saw my friend she ignored me but I sat beside her and spoke to her as normal. She resisted at first then she just melted and we were back to normal.

Now this is what Self means to me, Love. It is a Love that doesn't care about what I've done, whether I've been good or bad, She loves. She can only love. Ask Love about recent events in the world, the calamities etc, and the answer is I Love You. Love has no theories. Her answer for everything is Love.

I never did pursue NLP to a mastership level because I couldn't think of anyone I wanted to model, except Mary Poppins. (smile) I now realise that the spiritual path for me has been about achieving Self-mastery by modelling Self. I've observed Her, modelled Her and become Her. I have aced the course. I am a Master Practitioner, modelling Self. Like Self, my answer to everything is love. No corrections, just love.

Last night on my way home, a young girl sat beside me with the following words on her t-shirt: "All You Need is Love." I smiled at her and thanked her for reminding us about Love.

I am Self.
I am Love.


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