Thursday, September 01, 2005


Land of Hope and Glory

Land of Hope and Glory,
Mother of the Free,
How shall we extol thee,
Who are born of thee? Land of Hope and Glory
It's one of those scorching days. I'm spending the late afternoon and evening walking in a park. I head for a lonely spot underneath a tree. I sit down to have a rest. I can see something wriggling about in another tree. Is it a snake? Of course not, there are no snakes here. Aha, it's a squirrel with a very long tail. We eye each other for a while. Then the squirrel climbs higher up the tree and I lose sight of her.

I continue to enjoy the tree's shade. On the ground are what appear to be tiny nuts, possibly what birds and squirrels feed on. I marvel at how nature takes care of all our needs. I am also very grateful for living here in London where one can enjoy such beauty, peace and freedom. It's like living in the mythical land of milk and honey where you live in comfort and ease.

Later, I walk by a man resting on a bench. Underneath the bench is a beautiful cocker spaniel dog. I stroke her hair. The man tells me her name is "Honey." Wow! I think about living in a land of milk and honey and I meet a dog called Honey. I stroke her for a few minutes then I say goodbye.

Nearly at the end of my walk I come across blackberry bushes. The blackberries are delicious. After I've had enough, I pick some for my mother. I wrap them in a piece of napkin.

Later on the bus home I check to see how the blackberries are doing. They're soaking through the napkin. If only I had a plastic carrier bag to put them in. At the next bus station I find a bag someone has dumped on the floor. Just perfect.

I am so grateful to the Universe manifested as the United Kingdom.

I love the United Kingdom.

With love,

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