Thursday, September 01, 2005


It's Either Love or Bullshit!

The other day on my walk, I came across lots of blackberries ripe for the picking. I gorged myself to my satisfaction. They were delicious. At one point the prickly stems stung the back of my hand. I refused to accept that something so delicious and good could harm me in any way. My hand stopped hurting and I continued picking blackberries. I even took some home to my mother.

Why do we continue to accept the idea that what is good can also be bad for you? Don't eat so much chocolate or your skin will break out; you will have stomach ache; you will get sick; etc. That's bullshit! How can something be good and bad at the same time?

What kind of a capricious God would create a beautiful coral snake that would kill at one bite? Can a Power that is all Good also cause you harm?

As I watch events unfold in New Orleans after the recent hurricane, I'm reminded of the awe people have about nature. On the one hand they talk about how beautiful nature is. How can that which is so beautiful and perfect cause such mayhem and destruction? Is God having a laugh?

Look at what happened in Iraq recently when religious pilgrims were killed in a stampede. Where was God when all this was going on?

The God I know that is Love will not create something that is good and bad. He will not create a fruit that is sweet but will also make you sick. Only a warped mind filled with conflicting beliefs will let you experience the same fruit as both good and bad. The God of Love I know creates Good for all time.

The way I see it, you are either experiencing Love or it's all bullshit!

In My Love Cocoon,

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