Friday, September 16, 2005


I Believe in Magic

"Messages, it seems, are placed in my world by the Holy Spirit, loved ones passed on, the Angels, my Guides, and even by my own subconscious (which the Course says induces miracles).

[...]"Sometimes these messages simply arrive in my mind, suddenly, unexpected, and with a synchronicity that focuses all my attention. And other times they appear as signposts along my way." Messages, by Jeanette
My real Self that is Spirit is always sending the human self information about what I need to pay attention to. Messages come through people, nature, music, art, inner visions, thoughts and feelings. Lately, I have been getting repeated messages reminding me I am the magic. Here are a few examples.

My friend recently included an Abraham download on his journals. When I heard the song I loved it. My friend said he had a feeling I would like it. Part of the song goes:

Every day a new adventure
Every day a new beginning
As I reach out and discover
The magic in the joy of living A New Adventure
I was thrilled by "the magic in the joy of living."

I recently re-read a piece about the magnetic power of the sacred heart, as described by Jesus to Glenda Greene. The sacred heart is one's inner power that acts like a magnet to attract to you the desires of your heart. Later that night on my way home a woman approached me, handed me a booklet, and said "message by Jesus." As I'm not religious I passed it to my mother to read. My mother wasn't too keen as it was written from a Catholic perspective; she is a Methodist. Then I had a rethink. What if the tract is intended for me? It was then I noticed the words "Sacred Heart" on the cover. At the back was a picture of Jesus, the artist's interpretation anyway. I flicked through and found parts of it meaningful.

Two days ago while I was in town I heard a couple discussing Mary Poppins. I stopped and told them how much I love Mary Poppins. They were on their way to see the musical and asked me where the theatre was. I pointed the way. I like to think of Mary Poppins as my inner magician.

The next day, yesterday, my morning didn't go according to plan. My motto is if something is not going as expected, it simply means something else needs my focus. I started thinking of substance, the magic of the Universe. I was inspired to re-read Genevieve Behrend's "Your Invisible Power", which is a wonderful book about Substance, the essence/magic of the Universe, and trusting in Substance.

The night before I heard Michael McDonald's song Sweet Freedom playing over and over again in my dreams. I looked up the lyrics on the web. The chorus goes:

Shine sweet freedom
Shine your light on me
You are the magic
You're right where I wanna be
Oh sweet freedom carry me along
We'll keep the spirit alive on and on
Aha, "You are the magic." I am being reminded again.

Later, I checked the forum I sometimes participate in and two messages to me caught my attention.

"what'daya expect when yur living in disneyworld"
"Hello again Golden One."

Disney World happens to be the first place I ever went to in America and I loved it. For me, Disney World will always be a world of magic.

What does gold mean to me? Gold signifies alchemy. For me, being Self is realising that I am not lead i.e. the human personality, but gold i.e. Spirit personality. Magic is the art of transmuting lead into gold.

Later, I went for a walk in Hampstead Heath. The path I intended to use was very muddy as it had been raining earlier. I decided to try another route, or maybe the route chose me. I came across a wonderful sculpture in the park by Giancarlo Neri called The Writer. It depicts the biggest chair and table I've ever seen. As I stood underneath the table I was transported to the magical world of Jack and the Beanstalk. I was Jack, with my bag of gold, hiding from the giant. The interesting thing is that I heard of this installation months back but I had no idea where in the Heath it was. I guess I saw it when I needed to see it. Magic!

Thank you dear friends for playing your part.

Do I believe in magic? Oh, Yes!

I believe in Self. Self is magic.


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