Tuesday, September 27, 2005


How Long is a Piece of String?

In the UK we have a saying in response to a question that cannot be answered, "How long is a piece of string?" (see meaning)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live as your infinite Self? Come to think of it, can you cope with infinity? In the West there is superabundant clothes, shoes, food, things, stuff. When I'm in Oxford Street in London, I marvel at how much stuff there is. Sometimes I feel a bit of a knot in my stomach signifying sensory overload.

We live in an era of information overload from the Internet, and tons of new books being published. I don't even have to go that far. Every day I get new ideas, new ways of seeing the world. If I wanted, I could write all day and night and still have lots more ideas. It is never ending.

The other day while I was browsing at the bookshop I picked up an encyclopaedia about dogs. I never realised there were so many dog breeds, hundreds. At one point I got this knot in my stomach which was telling me I was feeling overwhelmed. But when I thought about how wonderful it was that there were so many dog breeds, the tension went away.

When I identify myself as only human, this makes me finite. As a finite being, my finite body can only cope with so much food before I start to feel queasy. My finite body is subjected to finite beliefs of pain, sickness, aging and death. My finite self can't cope with infinity. I can't therefore expect a life of superabundance when a part of me is pushing it away because it's all too much for me. How do I get round this? By realising that I am the Universe, Infinity itself, having a human experience.

Last night, I had a huge plate of rice with vegetables and I felt really full for a few minutes. I observed how quickly my stomach went back to normal. My mother reckons I give her a bad name because nothing I eat makes any difference to my weight. I'm as skinny as ever. I would make an excellent clothes horse aka a model.

This is why I can eat bars and bars of chocolate and I still want more. Only when I turn my attention to other matters do I stop thinking about chocolate. So as the Universe, nothing can fill me up. I tend to eat these days out of habit, to explore different tastes and because I love sweet food. I love Weetabix so I can put lots of sugar on it. When I fancy a sweet drink, I drink sweet tea.

If I see myself as the Universe then my whole life is the Universe. This includes my body. So instead of trying to figure out how things work, I simply trust in the Universe to sort things out, or know that everything is working perfectly. In other words, I surrender the finite in exchange for the infinite Self.

Now, surrender takes practise as I've got so used to seeing the body as my body. To surrender the body is to think of the body as "our" body or the Universe's body. It is like living as a Borg in the television sci-fi series, Star Trek, where the Borg have one collective mind. Unlike the Borg, the Universe doesn't go round assimilating people but gives one the choice to surrender personal self in exchange for Infinite Self.

I love the idea of everything as the Universe. I love the fact that the Universe is responsible for maintaining my body and supports me in all ways.

Here's a thought. If you knew your body was as huge as the Universe, how much food would you need to eat to be satisfied? Hmmm! How long is a piece of string?

Love and Light,

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