Thursday, September 22, 2005


Gratitude is Joy is Love is Bliss

Imagine someone has bought you something and you are very grateful. How do you feel? When I imagine this, I feel immense joy, but then again I also feel immense love. Come to think of it, I also feel blissful. Bliss is joy is love; it makes no difference really.

These feelings of joy, bliss and love are the equivalent of acknowledging that I am grateful.

Have you noticed that when you are really grateful to someone about something, they feel as if they want to do more for you? Imagine if you went around feeling grateful all the time?

When you are being true to yourself, being the Love that you are; when you are feeling immense joy, you are effectively feeling the same way as when you are feeling gratitude. As far as the Universe is concerned being grateful means giving you something to be grateful about, and She will continue to give you more experiences to be grateful about.

Gratitude doesn't stop with you. You also start hearing gratitude bouncing all around you. People are picking up on the gratitude frequency and having experiences to be grateful about and so it continues.

Wouldn't be wonderful for all to always have experiences to be grateful about?

I am Gratitude.
I am Joy.
I am Love.
I am Peace.

Blessings be to all.


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