Thursday, September 08, 2005



The human way is one is always responsible for one's actions. Good or bad, you reap what you sow. If one expects to suffer consequences from one's actions, one suffers the consequences.

Whatever you're going through doesn't negate the truth that Grace is always present. What is Grace? Grace is Love that is beyond thoughts of good and evil.

You could be the most read scholar, you could have studied every subject known to man, yet you will still suffer like everyone else.

Grace cares not about one's understanding or truth realisations. Grace is loving no matter what.

Grace doesn't point a finger at someone for not recognising Grace, Grace loves anyway.

So you've made an "error" and want that "error" dissolved? Call on Grace. With Grace there are zillions of second chances. Indeed, every moment is an opportunity to evoke Grace; an opportunity to love.

Grace loves you no matter what your beliefs, behaviour or knowledge, but you have to realise Her presence.

Grace be with you all.


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