Wednesday, September 21, 2005


God in Flesh

"And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God." (Job 19: 26)

"And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth." (John 1: 14)
About two weeks ago I had a dream; well it was more of a waking dream as I was very aware of being asleep and awake at the same time. I could hear ringing in my ears, what is known as tinnitus. I heard a voice telling me I was totally present in my body and I existed nowhere else. The ringing instantly ceased. These words were repeated over and over again. I finally went to sleep.

Imagine you went to a hairdresser's to have your hair straightened. The stylist spends two hours on your hair. When she's finished you look in the mirror only to find your hair in the same state it was in when you first entered the salon. You ask the stylist what she's playing at. The stylist tells you to give it some time, that you will eventually get the hair style of your dreams. Are you going to take the hair stylist's word for it and pay her for services rendered? I doubt it.

Yesterday I eavesdropped a young girl having a conversation with her father. She said, "I'm hungry now, not later, now. I want some food now."

Why shouldn't we have what you need now? Why do we have to wait? Why have we bought into the idea of waiting?

I have written elsewhere that all prayers are answered. All realities exist now but it might seem to take time for them to be made manifest. Why? Because we can't see what is there, or our beliefs prevent whatever it is from being made manifest. You could ask for what is already present to be made manifest in a way you can tangibly experience with your senses. What if it still doesn't appear? There could be another reason, your perception of reality.

Let's take the reality of "now." We say all time exist now. As I write this piece, I am aware of living in my own personal Now. I am typing this piece in my own time. My focus is totally on writing this piece. Yet, I am vaguely aware of friends who live in America who are probably still asleep, and friends in Australia who are hours ahead of my time in the UK.

It would seem that there are two Nows: the personal and the Universal. We all share a universal Now. For instance, we all desire to be happy, loved, be whole, at peace, live in abundance and be in joy. This suggests that all good exists in the Universal Now. However, it's no use telling someone who is going through turmoil that he is Peace now. He is bound to say to you, "prove it." There's no point telling someone who is agony that he is whole now, he will tell you "I need to experience that wholeness in my body now, I need to feel it now." Our quest is to experience the universal Now right here and now. How we translate the universal Now into the personal Now is personal to our needs and temperament. I will explain by way of an example.

A while back during a healing course, we practised receiving and giving distance-healing. We all paired up. Some of us were sent to another part of the building and our partners remained in the main room. When it came to my turn to receive healing, I relaxed and stilled my mind. I had a sense of being in a park with lovely flowers. It felt really peaceful and I wanted to stay there forever. Then I got a picture of a ladder. After we'd finished receiving and sending healing, we reconvened to give feedback. I shared what I had experienced. My partner looked at me in amazement. She said she had sent me peace. I asked her what the ladder symbolised. She said she'd visualised a ladder in my body which she used to check out my organs to see if everything was fine.

As you can see from the above example, my idea of peace was a park, but a ladder was just a ladder. This is what I mean by translating the universal Now into the personal Now; the universal Now takes on a form that is tailored to your own personal needs.

How do you make the universal and the personal Now one? By realising that there is only one Now. Another way to put it is there is only one Me and it is here now. Therefore, as I am typing this piece I am fully present here now. I do not exist in other dimensions, I only exist here now. That is not to say that there are no life forms in other parts of the universe. It's a matter about being fully present where you are. My friends in Australia live in Australia, my friends in the States live in the States etc. If at some point I choose to live in Australia, then I am totally in Australia, not Australia, the UK and some other planet. I am always totally present where I am.

This leads to the notion of the One. If there is only One in infinite manifestations, then it can only mean one thing: the One that I am is taking form as me in flesh and blood. God, Divine Love, Self, Spirit is flesh.

How can God be flesh and blood? Surely God is Spirit? Surely Spirit is unconditioned? Surely God cannot be limited to the human or any forms? Yes, God is unconditioned. To be unconditioned means God can take any form including that of flesh. God can take on the form of flesh, metal, wood, water, fire, earth, air, light, etc. God can be anything He chooses.

Because God is all there is, right where I am is God in flesh. This is exactly where God as me needs to be right now, as flesh. But when I think of myself as human, and God as existing in some other realm, there is always going to be separation. There is always going to be a sense of waiting for something to happen. The quickest way to bridge the gap between the human and divine is to realise that there is no gap. God is man in flesh now. God is a human being now.

Heaven is right here on earth now. Right where I am, I totally am. That was what the dream was telling me.

All my love to you all, wherever you are.


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