Thursday, September 22, 2005


God in Flesh - Part 2

In a previous article, I wrote:

"God is man in flesh now. God is a human being now." God in Flesh
I now want to clarify what I mean by flesh.

In every way I feel very much human. My skin feels like most people's and I can feel hot or cold, but there is a slight difference. Though I appear to be in flesh, I am not flesh. What feels like flesh is nothing but God-substance. When I am still I feel my body as buoyant. Sensations that feel like pain are only painful when viewed from a physical standpoint. When I go deep into this sensation, all I feel is movement of some sort, a kind of vibration. When I listen with my inner ears I hear sounds like a slight hum, reminiscent of the noises fluorescent lights make, sometimes a lot louder.

Even the world that appear to be solid is not solid at all. I sometimes feel as if I'm standing on a ship that appears to be still and yet it is in continuous motion. Everything is in motion.

Now, I can choose to experience physical sensations. This way, if I hit my head against a brick wall it hurts. But then I have hit my head lots of times and have reversed the pain instantly by remembering that I am Spirit. There have been no sensations.

Another example. Fire can be experienced as very hot and scorching or not having any sensation at all. Years ago while I was studying Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, I scalded my finger with boiling water. It felt very painful and my finger went red. My instinct was to run the finger under cold tap water. Then I decided to apply the truth principle I was studying. I thought, "I am Spirit." The burning sensation stopped and my finger instantly returned to normal. As time went on, whenever I needed healing all I had to do was remember that I am Spirit and my body was restored to normal. Fire is Spirit. As Spirit, fire can do no harm. Only when we regard fire as a mental state can it harm or cause destruction.

What I'm saying is all is Spirit for God cannot change what He innately is. While I feel like I have flesh and blood, I know that flesh is spirit. It is why I can feel hot and cold in one moment and not feel anything at another. Why? Because Spirit doesn't have feelings of hot and cold. When I am aware of being totally Spirit, it feels as if I am empty space. I used to have panic attacks and have to weigh myself just to make sure I am there.

When you regard yourself as human flesh, flesh is corruptible. When you know yourself as God in flesh, then flesh is Spirit and incorruptible. God as flesh is not under any natural laws, God can be anything God chooses because God is unconditioned.

God is flesh and flesh is Spirit. Though I appear to be in flesh I am 100% Spirit.

Love and Light,

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