Monday, September 05, 2005


Correction! I Only Want to Love and Be Love

"While I was conducting experiments to make 'spineless' cacti," he continued, "I often talked to the plants to create a vibration of love. 'You have nothing to fear,' I would tell them. 'You don't need your defensive thorns. I will protect you.' Gradually the useful plant of the desert emerged in a thornless variety." Luther Burbank -- A Saint Amidst the Roses
It's been a hard habit to kick this - correction. The human experience involves correction. As a child you are a corrected over how to behave in the family and in society. You go to school and university and your performances are constantly being corrected.

Then you get on the spiritual path i.e. wanting to be your real self, and you face correction. I mean you are so used to being corrected, you expect your God-Self, or whatever you believe in, to correct you over how to be yourself.

But wait. What if there was another way of being - without correction?

As Self, I am already perfect therefore I don't need to be corrected. Only one who is into self-flagellation continues the dream of correction. What would life be like if I never corrected myself (or others) but just love myself as I am? Imagine never criticising your own behaviour ever again and just accepting your decisions based on what you know at the time. This is how the One loves - acceptance without judgment. Love gives me the freedom to be the real Me which is manifested in form, just like Burbank's love for the thorny cacti, in the above quote, produced a new species of thornless cacti.

I no longer have any interest in correcting anyone or being corrected by anyone. As Self, I accept my human self without judgment and without correction. In other words, I love myself just the way I am and I love others just the way they are.

Those who wish to be corrected will always attract correction. Each to their own.

No more corrections please! I only want to love and be love.


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