Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Choose an ID

If you've ever set up a blog, a website or registered on a forum, you are always asked to choose a login ID. Your ID could be your name, a character from a movie, anything. The computer doesn't care, just choose an ID.

The ID is your passport to enter that reality so you can play the game. You are now playing a character in the drama you're involved in. The ID is your mask. You can project any image you want of yourself; you can be anything you want to be.

Alas, some forums have rules of conducts and restrictions about how you can express yourself. I tend to avoid those types of forums anyway.

What if we were to see our human personalities as IDs; and life on earth as simply different forums you can log into? You can choose forums that suit your purpose. You can even have multiple IDs for different forums. You can choose an ID to play a son or daughter; an ID to play a friend; an ID to play a work colleague; an ID to go shopping...the possibilities are endless.

We truly can be whoever we want to be. We just need to choose IDs to play the game of humanity.

Must dash. Nice chatting to you all.

Enocia logging off.

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