Friday, September 30, 2005


Being What Is

After I had put on foundation cream on my face this morning it suddenly occurred to me that the skin tone on my face was a shade darker than on my neck and the rest of my body. Hmmm! I need to change my foundation to a shade lighter. How come I haven't noticed this before? I guess I've got used to wearing this shade because that was my skin tone. Oh well, at least I've noticed it now.

The same with clothes. Over the last few years I've dropped two sizes from UK size 12 to size 8 depending on what I'm wearing. If I'm wearing baggy jeans it's UK size 10; tight-fitting is size 8. I still have some tops that are size 12. Time for new clothes.

The above examples are literal as well as metaphors for knowing Self. Wearing make up that is a shade darker than my actual complexion is the equivalent of trying to hold on to an old idea of self even when other identities have been revealed.

For many years I thought of myself as human with human identities such as race, gender, nationality, sexuality, daughter, sister, friend, etc. As human, I was subject to the beliefs of humanity about sickness and death. I was resigned to the fact that my lot is to grow old and die.

Then my view of Self expanded and I realised I wasn't just human. I have had numerous experiences of myself during meditation as the Light in all that is without beginning and end.

I also see this Light as Divine Love, the essence of All There Is. This is my dominant view of reality. I feel Love from everything and everyone. The Universe is Love.

I've noticed now that when I have a bath I feel the love from the bubble bath, the water and the bath itself. My skin feels like someone is caressing it. Last night, I tasted the bath water and it tasted sweet.

So which is real - the human, or Divine Love? Well I see myself as Divine Love having a human experience. Everything is Divine Love. It's a matter of always remembering that Love is all there is.

As for my makeup, whether I continue to use the old shade of foundation or change to a lighter shade, it will not change what is.



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