Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Be Proud of Who You Are

When I was a child I had ginger hair. It wasn't the norm in those days for black people in Africa to have ginger hair; I was living in Sierra Leone at the time. My nickname at school was "Ginger." I hated my hair colour and so wanted to have black hair.

I tried all sorts of pomades and hair creams to make my hair go black. In time, my hair got darker, not quite black, but almost black. I figured it was because I had grown out of it. I now realise that if you persistently have thoughts about wanting darker hair, sooner or later you're bound to manifest the reality of darker hair.

Years later, while I was back living in London, I started relaxing my hair. I noticed my hair colour started getting lighter. I was no longer bothered about my hair colour changing as things had moved on; black women were now dyeing their hair in different shades of browns and reds, even blondes.

After many years, I stopped using relaxers and reverted to my natural curls. My hair colour went dark. I decided to dye it. The first time I had a consultation with the hair stylist at this new salon, she recommended redder shades. The colours that suited me were a combination of terra cotta and paprika; and one called "Diablo Red 666." It seems I couldn't get away from reds.

I soon got bored with using chemicals on my hair. My hair colour went back to dark.

Recently, I've been thinking about reverting to the hair colour I had as a child. Is it possible to have ginger hair without chemicals? I put out an intent to have my ginger hair back.

This morning I bumped into a friend I haven't seen in ages. She asked me if I had dyed my hair as it was looking really brown. I told her I used to be ginger as a child and it looks like I'm going back to being a ginger.

I am a Ginger I am and proud of it.


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