Thursday, September 29, 2005


Be Careful What You Wish For

As I've been writing about focusing my attention only on what I want, I feel it is time to take a trip down memory lane. This is a poem I wrote a while back about an experience I had when I was a wee lass, in my early twenties.

Nothing's changed there then. Oh joy!

Lots of love,

Be Careful What You Wish For

I once shared a house with a beautiful girl
Whom we all thought should be a model
She was tall and gorgeous,
Made many people envious.
She did try to be a model but discovered
Much to everyone's surprise
That her first love was taking care of
Other people's bodies.
So she trained as a nurse -
A vocation she thought was worth it.

One day my flatmate came home
Looking flushed with success
She'd met a man while down at Oxford Street,
A handsome model from Manchester.
As a first date pressie he gave her a
Photograph from his portfolio.
We marvelled at how perfect he looked,
Teeth and smile to die for.
Why can't I attract myself a model?
I imagined myself walking down the aisle
With my very own model by my side;
Now that would certainly be worth it.

As the days went by and my flatmate dated
I pestered her about
What his personality was like.
Where did he take you?
What did he wear?
What do models eat?
What do models talk about?
Or do they simply bask in their beauty?
I made up my mind that one of these days
I was going to get my very own model,
And my life would really be worth it.

I was now bored with my flatmate's model
She never even brought him to the house
For a closer inspection!
Maybe he's just a figment of her imagination!
I decided there were too many fishes out there -
Many more professions of men to consider.
It was time I stopped lusting after
My flatmate's lover,
Cos, it really wasn't worth it.

I was walking down Oxford Street
After a night out of dancing.
I was looking gorgeous even if I say so myself.
A man approached me, asked if I would date him,
But my best friend beside me told me to ignore him.
What harm can it do, he's not a bad looker?
Yeah, pretty cute if you ignore the whiskers.
To amuse myself I allowed him to flatter me.
I smiled to myself;
This evening has certainly been worth it.

I was flanked by an admirer and my best friend;
What more could a girlfriend wish for?
We talked of nothing in particular.
I noted he had an accent;
Said he originated from Manchester.
I asked him what he did for a living.
He said he was a model.
Uh oh, this story sounds familiar!
I stared behind the stubbles and into
Those big brown lying eyes,
Saw his portfolio photo staring right back at me.
My word, this meeting has been worth it!

"I know you, you're my flatmate's boyfriend!"
He said he'd never ever heard of her.
"Of course you're the model she met
Weeks ago right here in Oxford Street."
"You've been leading me on" he said,
Furious at being discovered.
"If you didn't like me, why didn't you just say so?"
"You can talk," I said "If you're not interested in my flatmate
Why don't you just say so?"
He turned really nasty reaching out to grab me, but
My best friend came between us and pulled me away
"Come on, I told you he wasn't worth it!"

On the night bus home we discussed
Whether I should confess to my flatmate
The truth about her boyfriend's
Bad model behaviour.
I decided she deserved the truth.
Whether she still wanted him was really up to her.
I was reminded of Jesus' admonition
That thinking of adultery was as good as the deed.
Surely this lesson I've learned has been worth it.

As soon as I got home I woke my flatmate up.
"Can't it wait?" she said.
"No it's really, really important!"
Bleary eyed she asked me what was the matter.
My heart bled for what I was about to tell her.
I reached for her hands and said
"I have some bad news about your model.
Give him up, girlfriend, he simply isn't worth it."

(c) 2003 Enocia Joseph

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