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The Art of Surrender - How to Be a Human Being

Isn't it interesting how we refer to ourselves as human beings? As you can see, there are two parts - "human" and "being." Most of us tend to focus more on the "human" part with its diverse points of views and ignore the "being." The "being" is what makes us realise ourselves as the Infinite/Self/Universe/the One. My purpose is to live as a true human being i.e. have life experiences that demonstrate that I am the Universe manifested as a human form. One way to achieve this is through the art of surrender. More on this later.

In the sci-fi television series Star Trek The Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager, the crew occasionally encounter the alien species called the Borg described as follows:

"A massive society of cybernetic automatons abducted and assimilated from thousands of species, the Borg Collective is intent on achieving "perfection" by spreading its influence into every corner of space, consuming technologies and individuals without conscience, obliterating entire civilizations in its wake."
The Borg operate as one collective and unified mind. In the sci-fi series, the Borg is humanity's biggest threat to its individuality. Many attempts have been made by the Borg to assimilate the star ship crew but they have all been unsuccessful.

Is the Borg collective the equivalent of the collective consciousness of humanity?

As humans, we pride ourselves on our individualities and uniqueness, yet most people's behaviour are the results of programming. You find some people with a particular group or race mentality where they all think the same way and try to put pressure on others to adopt their views or be ostracised. The Borg view is you will be assimilated whether you are willing to comply or not.

Sub-groups such as race, politics and religions are part of a much larger consciousness that is the Universal Mind of all species, which indoctrinates different species to behave in a particular manner. It is this Universal Mind that makes humans walk on two legs, while making dogs behave in a dog-like way. Have you noticed all human babies sound the same when they cry?

So yes, the Borg is very similar to collective consciousness.

Beyond the Universal Mind of collective beliefs and programmes is the Essence that is free of all programmes. One who realises his identity as Essence is able to re-programme the Universal Mind, thus introducing new beliefs and ideas into the collective consciousness of all species.

Now, there is much talk within the religious and spiritual community about the Father's Will, which the biblical Jesus spoke about. Jesus surrendered his pesonal will to the Father's will. Many teach that we are to surrender our personal will to the Father's will in all ways. What does the Father's will actually mean? Does surrendering your will to the Father make you holier than thou? Time to demystify this, or at least give my take on the Father's will.

The Father/Mother is the Essence, Substance, Self, the One Power in all; while the sons/daughters are the creations, i.e. thought-forms and ideas of Mind. Humans are ideas of Mind. Given that the One is the Father/Mother, and ideas and thought forms are the sons and daughters, surrendering your will simply means realising your identity as the One. As the One you are no longer under the whims of other people's beliefs, you can programme Mind to comply with your beliefs. Time for a quick exercise.

Imagine you are the Universe. Visualise yourself so vast you don't know where you body begins or ends. Now raise your arm? Do you see that raising your arm is meaningless? You are the Universe. If you insist on raising your arm, you are simply raising the entire Universe, as your arm is the Universe. Thus, when you think of yourself as the Universe, whatever you are doing applies to everyone. Whatever thought you have as the Universe is the same thought everyone has, as the One Universe cannot be divided.

The purpose of the above exercise is to show what it means to surrender one's will. You end up gaining the whole.

The art of surrender, therefore, is consciously seeing everything as the One/Self/the Universe. Instead of seeing your body as human, see your body as the Universe. Your family and loved ones are not humans but the Universe. A dog is not an animal but the Universe. Money is not currency but the Universe. When you see everything as the Universe, you are being the infinite Self that is without beginning or end.

Let's say you are not feeling well. See your body as the Universe, which is infinite wholeness. This means you are already whole. If you don't feel it, know that every single part of the Universe is doing all it can to bring that wholeness into manifestation. Your body has no choice but to comply and be whole.

The art of surrender is what being a human being is about. You are seeing yourself as not human but the Infinite being a human. You also end up keeping your individuality as the Infinite Self needs a channel to work through; that channel is the human self.

Surrender is easy.

I am a human being.

Love and Light,

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