Saturday, September 24, 2005


Are You Living in a Blinkered or Open Now?

So I'm living in the Now. Right where I am there it the totality of all that I am. However....


More suspense....Hehehe.

My Now can be as expanded as infinity or as blinkered as blinkered is. What do I mean? Best way is by example on another bus ride, surprise, surprise.

Halfway through my bus journey yesterday evening, the bus driver told us he was going no further because the driver, who was supposed to relieve him, hadn't turned up. So we all got off and waited for another bus. A woman standing beside me had a look of amazement which made me smile. "Why isn't the bus moving then?" she asked. We laughed. She suggested that we hijacked the bus to our destination. I agreed. I was sure no one would notice or even care. We had a good giggle about the situation. She was on her way to work at the local hospital but she seemed relaxed.

I noticed another bus coming that wasn't going where I wanted to go. It was a mad rush to get on that bus. I wasn't in the mood to travel like a sardine in a can, so I let the mob in, including my new friend. I noticed another bus driver behind me and he told me there was an empty bus due in a minute. I stood by a man and a woman. The woman said to me, "Let's not tell those passengers there's another bus coming. Let's have the bus all to ourselves." We chuckled like Bart and Lisa Simpson. In the meantime, people were still fighting to get on the crowded bus. The bus driver told them there was an empty bus approaching. The only passenger who took any notice was the woman I had been chatting to earlier. The other passengers paid no attention. So we let the bus go. In a few seconds, the empty bus arrived that was going where I wanted to go. Bliss!

This is an example of living in an open Now. I am totally present while paying attention to people and things around me. Most of all, I am aware of my feelings. Any feelings of discomfort I have such as not wanting to get squashed is an indication to let that moment go. When I am open, I can see that the Universe is doing all She can to get me to my "destination."

I do have my moments of living in a blinkered Now. Here's one example.

I love going for long walks. Once after a long walk in the park, I was walking back to the station via the main road. Then I noticed a path with lovely trees that was running parallel to the main road. I thought it would be nice to get away from the traffic. I figured the path lead into the forests. Getting to the path meant I had to go down a slope which looked slightly dangerous. You've heard of the phrase "A rolling stone gathers no moss?" I wondered what a rolling Enocia gathered. Anyway, I decided to go for it and ran down the slope. Whew! That was exhilarating. As I walked on the path I noticed it made a loop leading to...guess where...the main road I had started from. You mean I nearly got myself injured so I could end up back on the same road? At least I got to walk on the path for a few minutes. Oh well, you've got to have a laugh!

When I am totally present and aware that I am the All There Is right here and now, my awareness is expanded to infinity. This means I'm constantly receiving data from the Universe to help me in whatever I am being at the moment. The trick is to know how to interpret this data. In my experience, data is transmuted into visions, words, sounds, feelings, smells, songs, experiences, observing nature, to name but a few.

I live in an open Now. When I get the odd blinkered Now, it's always good comedy material.

Love and Light,

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