Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Why are We Waiting?

In the UK we have this tradition whereby when a group of people are waiting for something to happen and there is a continued delay people start singing: "Why are we waiting?" I believe the tune is from the carol O Come, All Ye Faithful; if you ever got involved in nativity plays as a child, you might remember the song.

Last night I watched a Christian programme on television with my mother who is a Christian. Two women were belting out a song about when they get to Heaven and how they will be with people they know, be happy, be with Jesus etc. Do you have to die first so you can be happy? What are you going to do between now and when you croak? Don't tell me, try to earn Brownie points so you will earn a place in Heaven when the time comes. As for those who haven't earned the right to live in Heaven, God only knows what will happen.

There are many who are still waiting for the second coming of Christ where everything will be made perfect.

There is the new age belief in prophecies of 2012 when things are going to change, so people get ready. It might even tie in with the second coming of Christ belief when we all ascend maybe into the Light?

There is the belief that you are doing all you can to wake up and when that happens, you will be able to move at the speed of light, disappear, jump hoops, whatever.

Oh maybe you are trying to live a good life so you can have good karma in your next life, otherwise you might end up coming back as a frog.

I'm sure other religions and spiritual teachings have their versions of what is going to happen in the future if you do such and such. Why wait till some future time? We only have now so why not live in the now? Much too difficult. We need to plan for the future as you never know what will happen, right?

Well call me difficult but this is where I stand.

I don't believe in life after death;
I don't believe in death after life;
I don't believe in life or death;
I only know that I exist Now.

But hey, this is the joy of freewill; we are all free to believe what we like.

I'm up for a good old sing-song. "Why are we waiting? Why are we waiting...."

I am Enocia

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