Friday, August 19, 2005


Time versus the Eternal Now

I was thinking about how to express the difference between living in the Now and experiencing time. Then I had this idea of creating a dialogue between a man called Sam and his Inner Voice (V)

[Sam is speaking to his wife on the phone.]

Sam: Babes, I've just booked our holiday on the Internet. One month and Jamaica, here we come! See you later. Love you babe.

Sam: [Sitting in front of his computer and whistling the tune to "Feeling Hot Hot Hot." [He thinks to himself] I can't wait to lie in the sun all day. Yes, my idea of heaven!

V: Why wait for a month? What's stopping you from having fun in the sun now?

Sam: Who said that?

V: Me, well actually I am you.

Sam: What do you mean, you are me?

V: I am you, but you can see me as your best friend who always wants you to be happy.

Sam: I've heard of people who hear voices, mental institutions are filled with them. Am I cracking up? This can't be happening.

V: You are not cracking up, you are perfectly sane.

Sam: Thank God for that!

V: Trust me, I am your friend. You haven't answered my question. What's stopping you from having fun in the sun now?

Sam: Don't be daft! I can't have fun in the sun now, it's winter. It will take another six or seven months, if we are lucky, to have the kind of heat I'm talking about. The sunshine I'm thinking of is in the Caribbean, mate, where I'm heading next month.

V: Who says you can't have the sunshine and warmth now?

Sam: Have you ever experienced heat wave in winter? Even when the winter is mild, we're talking about a maximum of 15 degree centigrade and that's still cold. Nah, that ain't gonna happen in London.

V: What makes you think you can't be warm, the way you define it, now?

Sam; Because it's impossible. You're living in cloud cuckoo land! This is winter and you get warmth in summer, sometimes in late spring or an Indian Summer. But a heat wave, the way I like it, is impossible in winter.

V: What makes you think you can't enjoy warm and sunny weather now?

Sam: I'm getting bored with this. You sound like a broken record. Can't you understand me? This is winter, it can't happen.

V: What if I were to tell you that there is a reality right now with your ideal climate just waiting for you to call it forth?

Sam: How is this possible? What about the other people who are expecting it to be cold?

V: You could call this weather forth and experience it as a reality right now, just the way you like it, while those who want to experience winter can experience winter.

Sam: How is that possible?

V: You know when you go to sleep and you dream?

Sam: Yeah.

V: Is your wife not lying in bed dreaming too?

Sam: Yeah. So what?

V: Do you share the same dream?

Sam: Hmmm! I don't think so, I've never really thought of it. I sometimes see her in my dreams but most of the time there are other women in my dream. What am I saying? My dreams are private.

V: Don't worry, I'm not interested in the details.

Sam: That's alright then.

V: What I want to know is this: if your wife is not in your dream, where is she?

Sam: I guess she's having her own dream.

V: Yet you are sharing the same bed aren't you?

Sam: I think I see where you're going with this. You're saying people can be sharing the same experience but not necessarily feeling the same way. Is that what you mean.

V: You've got it.

Sam: Are you saying I could go round in Bermuda shorts and a t-shirt even though everyone is freezing their butts off?

V: Yes.

Sam: How is this possible?

V: You have the Power within you to experience a reality that you love, right now. Everyone has that power. There is no reason why you have to let habits dictate how you should live your lives. Just because it's winter doesn't mean you can't go round in Bermuda shorts.

Sam: Can my wife come too?

V: Only if she is open to it.

Sam: This is unbelievable! You mean you can experience something completely different from what we've been told we should? How does it work? Do I have to know how to conjure the dream?

V: When you have dreams do you know how they come about?

Sam: Nope, they just appear.

V: Well then, it's not up to you to wonder about the how, just know that it will happen as you believe.

Sam: Let me think about this one. Man, this blows my mind! I mean it opens up untold possibilities.

V: I guess so.

Sam: Wait a minute! Are you saying that I don't have to be sick?

V: Yes, I mean, no you don't have to be sick.

Sam: And I don't need to grow old?

V: Nope.

Sam; I don't need to die?

V: Unless you want to.

Sam: This is awesome! Who did you say you were again?

V: I am you.

Sam: How can you be me? You seem to know so much more than I do.

V: Let's just say you know a lot more than you think.

Sam: Wow, this is amazing!

V: Well, are you game?

Sam: Game for what?

V: Do you want to have fun in the sun now?

Sam: You bet I am. When can I expect to start having fun in the sun?

V: There is no time like the present!

Sam: Okey dokey! I would like to feel like I am in the tropics, say around 90 degrees Fahrenheit everyday.

V: It is so even as you speak.

Sam; Excellent. Am I imagining this? I feel warm already. Are people going to think I'm mad going round in a t-shirt?

V: Forget about what others are going to think. Just be what you want to be.

Sam: One more thing. I would still like to go to Jamaica next month, I've already paid for the ticket.

V: No problem. Relax, chill my friend.

Sam: Nice. [singing] "Olay Olay, feeling hot, hot, hot!"


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