Monday, August 29, 2005


The Power of Love

Have you ever noticed that what you love is multiplied?

When I have a passion about something it is because of the love I have for whatever it is. Last week when I went to do the grocery shopping I considered getting another breakfast cereal. Then I thought, why should I stop eating what I love? I love Weetabix cereal. I picked up the box of 24 I usually get and noticed they were giving away another 12 for free.

I wrote in a recent blog about my love for Madonna's songs. Yesterday, there were several programmes on television devoted to Madonna. I watched three hours of Madonna videos including my favourite songs.

This morning I noticed they were showing some videos of the popstar, Robbie Williams, including his former group, Take That. I started humming my favourite song of Take That Could It Be Magic, a cover version of Barry Manilow's song. I wanted to see that video. I turned the television on but I wasn't sure whether they'd played it or not. I had to make a quick errand to the local shops. When I returned the next video that came on was "Could It Be Magic." Talk about excellent timing!

The substance of the Universe is Love. What you love is multiplied. Increase may very well be the way the Universe acknowledges one's love.

In Love,

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