Monday, August 22, 2005


The One Power in All is Love and Wisdom

Continuing from the last blog, There is Only One Power.

I have found that when you try to force things to happen, or to manipulate someone to do what you want, you have not understood the Power of One. If there is another to manipulate, you are saying there are other powers. As you believe, so be it. The Universe will appear to be in a battle against you or you will seem to win over something. When you have the continued belief in many powers, you're always going to manifest another situation of another power trying to oppose you, just like in the cartoon series, He Man is in a constant battle with Skeletor. If there wasn't the belief in good and evil, there wouldn't be a cartoon series called He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, nor would there be a place called earth for that matter.

When you realise there is only one Power, you find that you cannot manipulate anyone; for what you do to another you are doing to yourself. There is only one Power in all. This creates harmony and this harmony is Love. A few evenings ago, I stood by the River Thames watching the tide come in. There were three ducks on the water. I thought how the ducks and the ripples seemed to move in harmony. After a few minutes the ducks stepped out of the water and stood at the edge. At one point, they were so still I wondered whether they'd fallen asleep. As if to respond to my question, one duck moved. "Are you lot going back in the water?" I wondered. The ducks got in and swam or let the river carry them along. One of them was moving in the opposite direction. I imagined my hand reaching out to guide the duck back to the other two. The duck reversed his direction and joined the others. The one Power that is in me is the same Power that is in the ducks. We are all one.

The one Power is also Wisdom. Let's say you evoke the Power within to fix your broken down car, which I have done for a friend's car; the Power has Wisdom how to fix the car. I don't have to consciously worry about the how, just knowing this is possible is enough. Thus, the only Wisdom I need to concern myself with is that with the one Power, all things are possible.

Where there is a belief in many powers, power is used to manipulate and destroy. Where there is a knowing that there is only one Power, there is harmony for the Power is Love and Wisdom.

With Love,

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