Friday, August 19, 2005


Now is the Time

It was quite dark this morning when I woke up. It was pelting it down outside. As I didn't fancy walking in the rain, I asked that the rain stop when I am ready to go out. Hang on, that's not right! There is no need to wait, everything is now. I thanked the Universe for dry weather now.

My mother was also getting ready to go out. She was checking the television for the weather forecast. I heard her calling her friend, postponing her visit to another day. She sat down to watch a religious programme on television. I asked her if she was going out and she said later, when it has stopped raining. I looked out of the window. "It's not raining, mum. You're waiting again."

"Why are we waiting?" I sang. She laughed and sang with me.

At that moment, the guy on television said "now is the time."

"See, mum, now is the time to do whatever you have to do. There is no need to wait."

Mum wanted me to get her newspaper but I teased her that it was raining and I couldn't possibly go out in that weather. Besides, she already knew from watching the news channel earlier what was in the news. She said she didn't know why she bothered reading newspapers. Much of what is in the newspapers are copied from other sources. I agreed with her. For instance, there was a news item in yesterday's Daily Mail about the ugliest dog in the world. Yesterday, I also read a blog about the same dog dated 2 July 2005. It's the same old news that is being recycled.

Back to my day. It was dry when I went out to catch my bus. As I walked past two road engineers one smiled at me and said, "Are you happy?"

"Yes, I am happy. Thank you for asking," I said. I wished both of them a good day.

The Universe is now. All that we'll ever need is now. Yet we say,

"Once this has happened, I will";
"I will be happy when."

Words can bind one in time. When you say "I will" you are dreaming a reality that is outside of the eternal now. Your "will" prevents what is from being expressed.

Is. Is. Is.

Let us remember what is.

Now is the time.

Love always,

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