Friday, August 12, 2005


Love's Tip of the Day

Here’s a tip.

If you ever find yourself feeling fearful, fretting, not focusing on the present, panicking about the future, just say these three little words: "I Love You."

I’ve been practising this for quite some time now. It started off with the words just popping up into my consciousness leaving me feeling blissful. It was Self's way of silencing the thoughts. As I got used to the words popping into thoughts when needed, I would direct the Love to my ex-boyfriend. Lucky bastard, getting waves and waves of love for no reason. Smile.

You need not direct the Love at anyone in particular.

Love, I find, silences thoughts of anxieties, all thoughts for that matter. Where there are no thoughts you are in the eternal NOW, being the real You.

Of course you can always go into the silence without the preamble.

I Love You,

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