Monday, August 08, 2005


A Love that Knows No Bounds

There is a Love that we share that knows no bounds, a Love that doesn't care whether you have anything in common on the human level, it is a Love that is accepting of all.

The other day I saw this woman and two kids. She said hello and reminded the two kids that I had hopscotched with them recently. To be honest, I didn't remember them. That happened two weeks ago and too many things have happened since then. The kids looked as if they didn't recognise me either. While the players had been erased from memory, I had had such fun hopscotching that I wrote a poem about the experience.

Every day I meet new people. Sometimes we have a chat and other times we don't. It's always fun enjoying the moment, whatever it brings. I find it's a lot more fun being with kids as they live in the moment. There is no other expectation other than enjoying the experience. I find it's a different story with adults, particularly men. It can get tedious when you have a chat with a guy and, instead of enjoying the moment, the guy is thinking of wanting to meet up again or go on a date or whatever. All that time spent dreaming about some future event prevents you from enjoying the moment. Is it any wonder people dream up a future to have relationships? They are so wrapped up in planning that they take no notice of what is happening in the present, so they have to meet again to remember the last moment...but they are too busy planning for the future to enjoy the moment and have to meet again to remember...but they are busy planning....

Last week I went for a long walk in a park. After walking for hours, I figured it would be nice to sit down so I could get a different perspective. I promised myself I would rest at the next bench I came across. I spotted one in the distance but a woman was already sitting on it. A dog was perched in front of her. I thought the dog's ears resembled a rabbit's; I was going to stop and play with him. When I approached, the woman asked me if I had been walking long. She invited me to sit with her and have a rest. We chatted for a while. It was interesting seeing the world from her perspective. She spoke about the good old days; she was in her seventies. She described what is was like growing up in a family of 12 plus her parents, and how they didn't have much but they were still happy. She talked about what life was like during the war. She spoke about her family and how she has been widowed for over 20 years. While I didn't agree with her take on life, it was nice just to be with her. I also played with her dog. There were no expectations other than enjoying each other's company. We walked back and kissed and hugged goodbye. Will I recognise her if I saw her again? Maybe or maybe not. But I can replay the memory of being with her anytime I like.

On other walks I have met people and we've simply commented on what a lovely day it is or said hello and it's been wonderful; just being without conditions.

Love doesn't care whether you share the same beliefs, are of the same family, race, gender, nationality, sexuality etc. But people like to put people in boxes and wanting to relate to you based on race, gender, nationality or whatever. You can't put me in a box. You can try but you'll find nothing in your box.

If we ever meet up, enjoy the moment for what it is. Don't worry about whether it is the beginning of a lasting friendship. We already have a lasting friendship; we already share a Love that knows no bounds. Simply enjoy the moment. Only the present matters.

Love always,

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