Saturday, August 27, 2005


Love Lifted Me

Love lifted me! (even me)
Love lifted me! (even me)
When nothing else could help,
Love lifted me! Love Lifted Me
It's a curious thing. The moment I get out of the house I feel this terrible itch around my neck. It's as if I've come out of my sanctuary at home to a world at war with itself. I seem to register the collective thoughts and emotions of humanity as pins and needles which can feel very painful at times. I have to remember to lift myself to Self or ask to be lifted up. When I am in a state of Love, the feeling goes away. Thoughts and emotions have no power in Spirit.

Love is always Love whether we are "good" or "evil". Love is always perfect and one's actions makes no difference to Love. While Love is everywhere, it is up to me to choose Love and ask to be lifted up into that consciousness or lift myself up.

For instance, what are you going to do if you wish to get to the 20th floor of a building? You're going to have to rise to that floor by using the escalator, the lift, fly, levitate, or none of the above. In the same respect, to live in Reality - God consciousness - one has to remember to lift oneself to the consciousness of Love. In other words, one has to be Love.

There are various methods one can use to lift oneself to Love or be Love. One can use truth principles and realise that Love is the substance of all there is. The problem with this approach is that it is slow. You only get to demonstrate what you are open to. Or you could realise that you are already Love and lift yourself to that consciousness.

Yesterday on a bus journey I had a coughing fit. I felt so sorry for the passenger in front of me. I called out for help of course. The Voice within advised me to use my imagination to literally lift myself up from that level of coughing to the level of Spirit. In my mind's eye, I saw myself being lifted up to the sky where I was pure Light. I stopped breathing and stayed in that state throughout the journey. When I got off the bus, I wasn't able to maintain that state for long as I felt my skin crawling again. I asked for help to maintain the state. In the meantime, I browsed at the bookshop reading inspirational literature. I imagined the spot lights on the ceiling as all of us, God-consciousness. I planned my journey ahead by imagining a blaze of light everywhere I walked. The journey took no time at all. I also hummed the tune from the Donna Summer song I feel Love.

Thoughts and emotions of humanity seem to resonate at a particular frequency. When you are at that level, you attract what comes with it including the many beliefs about life. You can choose to stay at that level or lift yourself to Reality.

The choice is easy.

I feel love.

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