Thursday, August 25, 2005


Love Addiction

I've heard about anonymous meeting groups for various types of addiction. What if there was one for love addiction. What would it be like?

Coordinator: Welcome everyone. It’s good see you all and some new faces. This is a support group for people going through various symptoms of love addiction. It is also confidential so I ask that everything you hear in this meeting is kept confidential. Anyone want to share?

Addict: My name is EJ and I am a love addict.

Addicts: Hello EJ

EJ: I’ve been an addict for a long time now. I don’t know exactly when it crept up on me but it did. Suddenly I started acting in strange ways. I would go round feeling happy for no reason at all. I get inspired to share my experiences with others. People seem happy being around me. I attract attention from lots of guys, which can be annoying when you are not interested.

As for the feelings, words cannot describe the agony I go through. I sometimes feel so deliriously joyful I could kiss everyone I come across. Then I hear a voice in my head singing me love songs, telling me jokes so I have a good chuckle, and feeling as if I’m being hugged. It’s a nightmare. Other people just can't understand what I’ve been going through.

All I can say is that I’m so grateful to have found this group. I don’t know what I would have done otherwise. Thank you all for listening.

Coordinator: Thank you for sharing EJ. Anyone wishing to share?

Addict: My name is Joe and I am a love addict.

Addicts: Hello Joe.

Joe: I’ve been coming to this meeting for over a year now. I thought I was getting better until last night when I had another relapse. I had to call my sponsor for help.

I had a crisis at home when my wife told me that she was sick of me being so considerate and supportive of her. What happened to the guy she married? She said she doesn’t know me anymore and if I don’t do anything to change, she’s filing for a divorce.

I listened to her concerns and told her how much I love her and will always love her but she just freaked out. I felt this rush of energy and I wanted so much to hug her but she wouldn’t have it so I channelled the energy into writing lyrics, which I also enjoy doing. It was while I was writing that I heard what sounded like the voice of angels in my head. The music sounded so sweet I knew I was cracking up. So I called my sponsor to help me go through this.

I am doing my best to give up on this love addiction but it’s tough. I am so grateful to have this group and my sponsor to turn to when the going gets tough. Thank you all for listening.

Coordinator: Thank you for sharing Joe. Anyone else like to share?

Addict: My name is Sally and I am a love addict.

Addicts: Hello Sally.

Addict: One of my biggest problems right now is my colleagues at work. Before my addiction I fitted in nicely. We all got on very well and we even socialised together. Then I became an addict and things got strained at work. People would be complaining about work or about the boss and I don't get involved. I don't feel it is my place to tell them how to be but, because I don't get involved, they think I'm sucking up to our boss. I have been ostracised by my colleagues. They've even stopped asking me to go for drinks with them. I don't mind as I'm perfectly happy being home with my husband and kids.

The thing is (sob) I don't know how long I can handle this. I love my job and I get on well with my boss. But my colleagues don't seem to like the new me. It's so good to have this outlet to speak freely without feeling judged. Thank you all.

Coordinator: Thank you Sally.

And so the stories continue of the hell of being a love addict.

At the end of the meeting the Love Addicts recite the Serenity Prayer:

"God, grant us the serenity to accept who we are as Love Addicts. Amen."

I wonder whether this will ever catch on.

The Love Addict,

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