Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Living in a Love Cocoon

Everything is formed by consciousness.

Before a baby is born into this world he seems to be protected from the world's beliefs but that is not strictly true. The beliefs of the parents play a huge part. The parents probably believe in what doctors have to say about child development. There are innumerable books out there about what a mother should eat, exercises she should do, etc. So the mother follows what she believes to be true in preparation for giving birth. There is the belief that births should be painful, thus, many women experience pain in labour.

A friend, who is a Christian Scientist, told me when she was pregnant, she saw her son as Spirit that was always protected by God. She said giving birth was a joy. She never got her baby inoculated, though she received a lot of flack for that decision. She said her son never got sick and never went to the hospital throughout his childhood and teenage years.

Back to the baby who has been born to worldly parents. Each stage of a baby's development is effortless. In fact, the baby's growth is being guided by collective consciousness as influenced by his parents' beliefs, the culture he was born into, his gender, his nationality, his race, religion, beliefs in aging, sickness and death, and other beliefs of humanity. While we all seem to have two parents, our actual parents are the collective human consciousness.

For instance, we have this belief that we all have two sets of teeth: milk and permanent teeth. At a certain stage of the baby's development, teeth start to appear. When the child gets to a certain age, these teeth are replaced with adult ones. If an adult loses his teeth, he doesn't expect them to grow back as that is not the norm. However, I have heard many stories of people who have had their teeth restored because they have accepted that possibility.

To cut a long story short, consciousness - thoughts, emotions and beliefs - influence how we act and think and even how our bodies grow. There is a consciousness that is unaffected by human consciousness - my natural state which I call Love. In this state, I am like the foetus in its mother's womb. Unlike the human foetus that is influenced by consciousness, nothing can affect who I am. I am blissfully floating in Love, and being Love. As Love is my consciousness, my experiences are its image and likeness.

I am living in a Love Cocoon that is unaffected by beliefs, thoughts and emotions. This Love Cocoon is my own universe where I can be whatever I imagine. I am the sole creator of this universe.

I am Love,

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