Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Let the Universe Take Care of the Details

Late last night while channel hopping, I noticed they were showing several programmes I love at the same time. There was the movie, The X Files based on the television series; Sex and the City; Ally Mcbeal; and Stargate SG1. Was the Universe trying to piss me off or what? Apart from Stargate, I've seen all the others before but that doesn’t stop me wanting to watch them again. Why don’t I record them? How do you record everything? Besides, that wasn't even an option. What swung it for me was they were showing the last two episodes of Sex and the City which I wanted to see again; and I also love watching Carrie in her designer outfits. There will always be other opportunities to watch the other programmes.

Of course this is not the first time I've experienced my favourite programmes clashing. Why was this being flagged for my attention now?

Earlier yesterday evening, just for fun I thought I would go on a bus ride into town. When I got off the bus, I was just about to cross over the road to catch my bus home when someone called my name. It was a guy I used to know who I'll refer to as P. I was frantically trying to recall where we'd met before. Obviously, I have met him lots of times otherwise he wouldn't still look familiar. He looked the same. After we’d hugged, he asked me what I have been doing etc. He reminded me of the last time we met, which was over 7 years ago. His friend, T, also joined us. T said to P, "I bet she doesn't remember me."

I stared at him. "I know you, you are B's brother!"

B was an old friend I worked with years ago. My first trip to America was with B and another friend. After I left that employment we lost touch, then I went to college, met new friends etc. I haven't seen B in a very long time, possibly over 15 years. A few days ago I saw someone who looked like B. Usually I try not to make associations with people as I end up manifesting situations. But for some reason I couldn't shake off B from memory. Over the last few days I have been recalling our trip to Orlando in Florida. I have also wondered how B is doing.

I asked T how his sister was and to give her my regards.

"Remind me how we met again?" I asked P.
"I was going out with your best friend from college, remember?"
"Of course."
"You two were pretty close. Are you still in contact?"
"No, we drifted apart after college."
"How come you know T's sister then?" P said.
"Enocia and my sister went on holidays to Florida together," T said.

There was also one more connection I still hadn't worked out. "How do you two know each other?" I said.
"We've been best friends since we were kids," T said.

We marvelled over the connections then we hugged and kissed goodbye.

On my bus ride home, I pondered over the intricacies we create in our lives. The only thing that mattered was the love we shared. We are all forever friends. As for the way we met, that just blows my mind. Only the Universe can arrange our meeting so elegantly.

Later as I noticed my favourite programmes being shown at the same time, I thought about how all the good, as we each perceive good, exists now. There is no need to worry about the how and the when; know your dreams have already come true and exist now. Just follow your joy and leave it to the Universe to take care of the details.

Friends Forever,

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