Saturday, August 06, 2005


The Joy of Giving...Maybe Not

It’s another bus ride home.
Eyes closed,
Sitting in silence,
Beaming an inner smile
At no one in particular.

A passenger is beside me,
Sitting too close,
Leg rubbing against mine.
No worries;
It is all the Universe.

I open my eyes
To check where I am
In my pretend Journey
Of movement,
Though I am ever still.

The passenger asks me
If I am tired.
He thinks
I am recovering
From a hard day's slog.

I tell him I am resting.
He won't let me
Return to silence.
Never mind,
No harm done.

He talks about,
Life in Turkey,
Education in Germany,
Work in the UK and his
Five year plan.

He quizzes me about
My family,
Lifestyle choices;
Am I am married?
Would I like to play?

He wants me to
Go out
With him
On a date
Soon, very soon.


I have no phone.
No mobile?
Lost it.
Here’s a SIM card.
Thank you, but no need.


I am too old;
He is only 24.
I don't care about age,
He says,
Only friendship counts.


Oh, what’s a girl to do?
I was only beaming a smile
At no one in particular.
How can I make him see
I am happy beaming me?


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