Monday, August 15, 2005


God Consciousness

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." William Shakespeare
It's two days ago and I am travelling on a bus, as per usual. At one stop I notice passengers entering through the back door instead of the front door. Curious. Aha, the front doors won't open. The driver gets out of his cubicle and tries the manual button, but the doors still won't budge.

I've been travelling long enough on London buses to know the drill. The moment there is some kind of mechanical failure, the driver chucks passengers out of the bus. I have no intention of standing in the rain waiting for another bus. Time to pray. I thank the doors for working perfectly.

In the meantime, the driver is reporting the fault on his mobile phone. He keeps pushing the manual button but the doors won't budge. The driver walks towards where I am sitting, looks at me and says: "We won't be going anywhere soon." I know the doors are already working perfectly so I ignore his comments and stare out of the window. The driver returns to his cubicle.

Suddenly the doors open of their own accord, or so it seems. Passengers climb on board, the driver starts the engine and we are off. At the next stop the doors open as normal. A passenger beside me comments that the doors are now working. Throughout my journey the doors are working perfectly.

Yesterday afternoon while I was having my dinner, I managed to flick some sauce in my eye. It stung like hell at first then I remembered that there is nothing but God. Therefore, the sauce is God, my eye is God, everything is God. My eye returned to normal in no time.

If there is only one Power in all, how come people get sick, there are mechanical faults, disasters etc? Surely the one Power can prevent these things from happening? The one Power needs to be brought to conscious awareness. For instance, electricity has always existed but it took a consciousness that was open for it to be made manifest so mankind can make use of this power.

A few weeks ago I watched a documentary about magic. Two magicians were about to make Tower Bridge vanish. In order for it to appear "real," the magicians needed some observers. Only observers close to the magicians, and the television audience could experience the illusion. People around Tower Bridge and elsewhere would experience the bridge as per usual or not give it a thought. This is the trick behind illusions, you need an observer for it to have meaning.

For too long we have been human conscious expecting reality to behave according to human beliefs. If I had depended on human beliefs, those doors on that bus would have remained closed until the engineers fixed it. I wasn't prepared to accept that reality; I know there is an intelligence within all things that is not under any material laws. It was that intelligence that I evoked. I didn't care how the doors opened, I just knew they would open.

In order to continuously experience the one Power, we have to be God conscious. God consciousness is developing a habit where you see and know nothing but God, and know only the one Power.

We need people who can navigate in this world with God consciousness.

We need people who are devoted to making this Power manifest in the human realm.

I am game.


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