Monday, August 08, 2005


Freedom Speaks

Heard the one about someone who tried to stuff Freedom in a box? He went to look in the box but couldn't find Freedom.

"Where is that Freedom?" the man said, "I could have sworn I locked the box securely. How did he manage to get out?"

In the meantime, Freedom was standing outside the box chuckling to Himself but the man couldn't see Him.

My nature is Freedom, therefore, I cannot be contained.

But surely you got yourself in a bind so you could experience what it feels like to be trapped?

That's codswallop! The nature of Freedom is freedom. Freedom cannot be contained; it is not in Freedom's make-up to contain Himself, nor does Freedom know or can ever experience bondage. You are either free or you are not. Anything unlike Freedom is meaningless.

But how come you are trapped in this human reality?

I am not. I am Freedom, and I am free.

Isn't it interesting how we are doing all we can to free ourselves from beliefs, the ego, or whatever? If you believe you need to free yourself from something, you are in a dream where you are trapped in something, and you are frantically trying to free yourself from whatever it is. You believe you have to study teachings and be spiritual or whatever so you can be free. Freedom is not dreaming that dream.

How do I get out of the dream?

Stop trying to free yourself. Stop believing you have to free yourself from something. Stop thinking you have to be free from an ego. To struggle is to perpetuate the illusion of being trapped.

Your nature is Freedom.
Freedom doesn't have to free Himself.
Freedom is never trapped.
Freedom is.

There are no boxes, no limitations, no ego; there is only Freedom.

You are either in a dream or you are Freedom.

I am Freedom,

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