Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Freedom is Imagination

Freedom is our nature. Freedom knows nothing of dogmas, conditions and rituals. Freedom expresses Self as the Imagination.

Everything in the Imagination happens spontaneously. Imagine an animal that looks like a gorilla but this one has purple hair, three green eyes, eight tentacles instead of arms and legs, and a red nose. If you can conjure up the image it already exists in Imagination. This is what I mean by spontaneous.

Years ago, I took courses in creative writing, though I was only interested in writing from experience. We were encouraged to experiment with other genres such as fantasy. It didn’t matter how far-fetched the story was as long as it was believable and people could relate to the characters. While I had fun writing fantasy stories, it didn’t seem quite right grounding them in 3-D. I thought the whole point was to use your imagination.

I have never read any of the Lord of the Ring books by J.R.R. Tolkien but I was curious about them. When the first film came out I went to see it. On one level I could identify with the idea of the quest. On another level, I couldn't relate to it. Why? Because it was too grounded in our reality. My idea of fantasy is that it should bear no resemblance to the human realm, otherwise what's the point? I didn't bother with the other two.

I love cartoons. I'm quite partial to Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny and a few others. What I love about them is that they are indestructible. The amount of times Tom gets whacked and keeps coming back for more. Cartoon characters get crushed and bounce back. The creators of these cartoons already know the infinite potential of the Imagination. Writers can create stories of magic and adventure and lift themselves from their human reality. Curious. How come these writers still experience sickness, old age and death? Is it possible that writers see Imagination as something that is outside of yourself that you can use or tap into, not what you are?

It seems to me that much that is passing off as fiction is coming from the human idea of imagination. Even sci-fi stories seem to be archetypes that are grounded in human reality. Writers are dipping into Imagination with their legs firmly planted on terra firma. You will never know what is possible if you don't take the plunge and be the Imagination. Sod being grounded in reality!

What if we were to accept as truth that Imagination is everything, including the realm of cartoons, superheroes, human and other realities. How would you relate to the world if you knew everything was Imagination? You would expect everything to be unlimited just like cartoon characters, comic strips and other fantasy genres, right? Think about the possibilities:

You can fly like Superman.
You can stretch your body like Banana Man.
You can be invisible.
You can have the strength of the Incredible Hulk.

Yesterday I went for one of my long walks. Although I enjoy taking walks I don't see walking as exercise. Just as well because exercise is not in my vocabulary. I like to think that it is the Universe taking the walk so I can walk for hours and not get tired. But I still find I have stiffness in my joints. A physiotherapist might suggest some form of body workout. In a way I agree. The way I see it, since everything is Imagination, you can jog, go to the gym or other physical exercises or you can exercise in your imagination? It's a lot more fun that way. No sweat.

As I walked I imagined my neck twisting round 360 degrees both ways. A man walked by. I looked back at him. Is it my imagination or has my head twisted 180 degrees? Hehehe. I felt tightness at the back of my legs. I imagined my legs being stretched to infinity. I imagined my body bending into a circle both ways. I imagined my hip joints rotating at incredible speed. I imagined my head being pulled out of my body until my head reached the sky. I imagined all parts of my body being stretched until I was spaghetti thin. I noticed I was now taking longer strides. My hips felt a lot freer. I felt taller and leaner if that is at all possible as I'm already very lean.

Many people already practise creative visualisation but I believe one has to take it one next step further: see everything as the Imagination. You then expect the world to be like the realm of Tom and Jerry and superheroes where, according to the Adidas slogan, "Impossible is nothing."

Freedom is our nature. The Imagination is Freedom in action.

Love always,

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