Friday, August 19, 2005


Embracing the Vacuum

"I wish to open a current account," you say.
"How much would you like to deposit?" the bank cashier says.
"Er, nothing."
"I'm afraid we can't open an account with no amount."
"Why not? Why can't I have an account with no money?"
"Because it is our policy to save money."
"Well, that is a stupid policy." You stomp angrily out of the bank.

You send an email to everyone announcing your wonderful new website. Your friends log into a website with a blank screen.

You go to do your grocery shopping at your local supermarket but all the shelves are empty. Yet all the check out tills are open. Bizarre!

I wonder why no house numbers start with zero?

It would seem that we don't like things that are empty. "Nature abhors a vacuum." Wherever there is an empty space it has to be filled. If you don't fill it, someone else will. That's the way it is.

Since nature abhors a vacuum, why do we strive so much to fill the vacuum? Why are we so afraid of vacuums?

You wouldn't open an account at the bank if you didn't have money to deposit.
You wouldn't set up a website with no information.
You wouldn't set up a shop with no goods.

This suggests vacuums have no reality. We create vacuums with the intention of filling them up.

In whatever circumstances a vacuum appears why not see it for what it is? There would be no vacuum if there was nothing to fill it up. The vacuum is already filled.

Vacuums are not to be feared but embraced for what they are.

I still believe house numbers should start with zero.

With love,

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