Saturday, August 06, 2005


The Director's Cut

I am always fascinated by the director's cut of a movie. There is the version that was released at cinemas and other versions sometimes included on video or DVDs. The director's cut gives one a different angle from the original version.

Why wait for a director's cut to get a different perspective? Why not create your own director's cut? One can watch a film several times and have different interpretations.

I love the American comedy series Ally McBeal. I've been watching the re-runs. Here's a brief description of how the final episode was shot.

"The final scene was shot over 2 days. The goodbyes were shot on the first day, and because we started to run a bit late the last shot (Calista walking towards camera, on both the crane shot and the closeup/group shot) was shot the next morning." Season 5, Episode 21: Bygones
Can you imagine if we were shown unedited films and dramas? It would all be meaningless. On the other hand, I'm sure we could get used to them if that's how all films were made.

Reminds me of when I studied Third Cinema at college. I only took the course because I thought it would be a doss: watch lots of movies, analyse them, write essays, and have lots more time to have a laugh. But it didn't turn out as I had imagined. Third Cinema is a genre of liberation cinema where films are used as tools in the fight against capitalism, colonialism, neo-colonialism and other injustices, as perceived by the film makers. While there are many Third Cinema films made by "third world" film makers, Third Cinema is not restricted to the "third world." Anyone sympathetic to these issues can make a Third Cinema film.

As a student, I was a product of Hollywood movies. Even when I lived in Sierra Leone for 12 years the films I watched were mostly Bollywood and Chinese and a few Hollywood. What a shock it was to my system watching movies that were not only political but the pace were a lot slower than I was used to. There were long and wide camera angles. What made it even more frustrating was they were in subtitles. I regretted choosing that module but it was too late to swap modules.

My point is that though I wasn't used to Third Cinema, I got used to and appreciated the different cinematic styles of Third Cinema. I was very glad I had chosen that module.

As I see it, the Universe is happening all at once. The closest analogy is the way a film is shot in a non-linear way where even the actor's don't have a clue how it will pan out. The director edits the movie to fit in with his vision and what people are willing to accept. I have heard of movies that are tested out on selected audience before they are released. A director's cut that is more acceptable by the audience is distributed.

The Universe is the All There Is where everything is happening at the same time. In fact, all possibilities have already happened. There are infinite director's cuts in place. It is up to the observer to experience a particular director's cut. It might seem as if you are creating your own reality but it is more the reality is seeking expression through you.

Is it possible to experience the All There Is at any one moment? Yes, in the stillness one has access to the All There Is. However, as a human form you can only express as much as you are open to express.

For instance, I love Weetabix breakfast cereal which I can have at any time. I sometimes forget there are other brands. I know I am not opening myself to other cereals. I also know that many other brands are wanting to express through me but I won't let them as I am attached to Weetabix. I don't mind this attachment as I love Weetabix.

I also love taking long walks. It's no use wanting to explore parks in other countries as I live in the UK right now. I have recently started exploring a park near where I went to college. Why am I choosing to experience this park now? I had an insight the other day that it's connected with timing. While there is no time as all experiences are happening now, timing is more about one's willingness to manifest an experience. As the All There Is, I have already experienced all parks but my attachment to previous experiences have not opened me up to letting other experiences be made manifest. As I was ready to explore new parks, this experience was made manifest. It now makes sense why I always know where I am going even when, on the human level, I haven't had the experience before. Of course I'm never lost, I have already had the experience. Duh!

My love for an experiences and attachment to a particular experience is the equivalent of a director's cut, a way of seeing. I could let go and open to have new experiences, that already exist, every day without attachment. Come to think of it, next time I go shopping I'm getting a new cereal, maybe the Weetabix that has chocolate, or the tiny Weetabix bite size. I know, since I have already experienced all breakfast cereals, what's the harm in enjoying plain old-fashioned Weetabix a lot while longer? (grin)

I received an email from a friend today and he made this comment:

"Yes, we are One, but we are also unique and "quirky" individuals... God loves quirky! To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, 'God must have loved the quirky folk, He made so many of them.'"
I believe it is the way we filter the All There Is that makes us quirky. If we were all experiencing the All There Is at the same time in the same way, we would all be the same. It wouldn't be much fun, at least not for me. I love quirkiness, me.

I am the All There Is.
I have already experienced the All There Is.
I love Weetabix.

All my love,

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