Thursday, August 04, 2005


Conditioned and Unconditioned

"The Universe is inherently unconditioned, meaning all creations, visible and invisible, are under no rules or conditions, therefore, one should expect the unexpected." The Nature of the Universe
The other day I was looking for a street. I thought I knew where it was but when I arrived it wasn't the street I had in mind. Still, I knew it was around somewhere. I walked down one street and I arrived at an intersection. I tried to move my legs but they seemed stuck and I couldn't go forward or backward. I looked up and saw that I had arrived at the street I was looking for.

Later on that day, some guys approached me and asked me if I knew a particular street. I had a vague idea where it was and pointed them in the direction. I also thought it would be good to confirm on an A-Z (street finder). Seconds later I saw this woman looking in an A-Z. She had the book open on the road we were on. I asked her to check the address. It didn't matter in the end as the men had walked off.

The universe is unconditioned i.e. things happen spontaneously and don't follow any rules or conditions. But we can also live in a conditioned universe if we believe the universe is conditioned.

Someone observes apples or whatever falling down and jumps to a conclusion about the law of gravity. Just because you have witnessed objects falling down doesn't mean they don't suspend in mid-air or move in other directions. But we've programmed ourselves to gravity and any other reality doesn't exist, as far as our minds are concerned. We have gone on to observe the world around us, made up various laws, and concluded these laws are universal. The problem with dreaming up laws is that you end up experiencing them as your truth whether they are true or false.

One day you realise there is a lot more to you than meets the eye. You try to find ways to get out of the "box." Alas, you are still conditioned to believe you have to do or be something for such and such to occur. The conditioned universe teaches you that in order to experience the real you, you must love others, love God, realise God, surrender to God, let go of beliefs, seek, ask, knock, give and be of service. Whatever you realise yourself to be is based on conditions.

I say the universe is unconditioned. There is nothing you have to do or be. There is no cause and there are no conditions. There is only the one moment of Now where all things are happening spontaneously without rules of gravity, magnetism or whatever universal laws that have been dreamed up. There is just the universe universe-ing.

I believe babies, young toddlers, perfectly demonstrate the Universe, the All There Is, universe-ing. Once I was sitting in a bookshop and I saw this toddler trying to navigate round the bookshop. He used my knee as support. He didn't have a sense of a separate "I", he saw everything as him. In other words, he hadn't been conditioned to be self-conscious. If the baby had been conditioned he would have seen my leg as separate and would think it rude to touch another without their permission. I have observed that when people are falling they usually reach out for the nearest thing around which could be someone's arm, body or whatever. In that moment they lose their sense of self-consciousness.

Another time while I was happily munching away at some crisps (potato chips), a baby appeared and motioned to me that he wanted some. I gave him one. When he'd finished he came back for more. His dad apologised for his behaviour but I said I didn't mind. Again, the baby was demonstrating the lack of a separate "I". In his world there is only one "I".

In both examples the toddlers were being the Universe or the Universe was being the toddlers; no distinctions.

In the unconditioned universe, you own nothing, not even your body. You are being what you feel like being on instinct. When I feel like being something, that feeling is the Universe seeking expression. The Universe manifests another part of Itself to experience that being/feeling. This blog, for instance, is instinctive; it is the Universe universe-ing through me. The Internet belongs to no one; the Internet is the Universe universe-ing.

In the unconditioned universe you are open to experiences happening in any way. It could be that your accommodation comes from traditional human means where you rent or buy somewhere or you could be invited to live with someone for a while. Food can come from anywhere as that's the way things are. The Universe gives you the need and the Universe provides it in Its own way. It doesn't matter about the how.

In the conditioned universe, there are always reasons, causes, rules for things to happen. You always expect something in exchange for an experience.

The universe is unconditioned. Expect the unexpected.


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