Friday, August 05, 2005


Catching the Gift and Being in the Flow

When you give something do you expect to have someone receive it? Do you also expect a little bit of give and take? Do you think someone is just taking and not giving anything in return?

What do you do to remedy this perceived imbalance? You could ask to receive more; you could fret over not receiving enough; or you could give more hoping that as you give more you will receive more. There is a belief system that states that to receive you have to give. There is another belief that states that you only get to keep what you give away. These beliefs are perfectly reasonable when you believe there is someone else to give to and receive from, and that you own something to give away. What if there was only you?

I believe only One exists; this is what I consider to be Reality. The One is the visible and invisible universe. Since there is only the One, who else is there to give to? Reminds me of the Zen koan which asks "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" Can clapping exist if there isn’t another hand to clap with?

If there is only One who else is there to give to? The word "give" is a misnomer. I could use the word "flow." One definition of flow states: "To move or run smoothly with unbroken continuity, as in the manner characteristic of a fluid." Something is flowing through something but where is this something flowing from? In this piece I am using the word "give" to represent something flowing without beginning or end.

In Reality there is no one else to give to. The One is the Universe giving of Self, flowing without beginning and end, to no one in particular. Every action is giving of Self.

Having a meal is the One giving of Self.
Writing is the One giving of Self.
Having a laugh with friends is the One giving of Self.
Going for a walk is the One giving of Self.
Being still is the One giving of Self.

This website is the One giving of Self. The ideas have always existed. I am simply being in the flow, catching what already exists, and letting them flow through me, in my own way, to the universe. Thus, the ideas belong to no one in particular; they are just there to be made use of. I am posting these writings on the Internet for everyone and no one in particular. Anyone can be in the flow and catch the gift today, tomorrow, a thousand years, or not at all; it really doesn't matter.

When I am smiling I am the Universe smiling and directed at no one in particular. Someone might catch the gift and smile back or I could get no reaction at all; it really doesn’t matter.

It's just as well people don't catch the gift of the One at the same time. What would it be like if everyone headed off to the shops for the same outfit at the same time? Absolute chaos. There is order in our madness! (smile)

In Reality, there is no longer any need to worry about giving and receiving, you are simply in the flow and giving is the way things are. You feel the need to give and you give without expectation. The moment you start thinking of give and take, you are dreaming of someone to give to or someone to receive from. Then you start to worry about not receiving enough or someone taking advantage of you etc.

Giving is the One being Self.

Happy Giving!


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