Monday, August 15, 2005


Beyond Definitions

One thing I know about the One in All, Universe, God, Divine Energy, Love, is that He is unconditioned and unfathomable. If you think you’ve got Him sussed, think again.

Last night while I was in bed I pondered about God consciousness. Suddenly, I had a feeling of being lifted and merged with some Power. I could no longer feel my body. It was as if I'd merged into a cloud that seem to occupy the whole room and beyond. It also felt immensely peaceful.

At first all my thoughts were erased. I basked in the peace for timeless moments, just being. Now I’ve had similar experiences when I have remained in this state for the entire night, sleep being the furthest thing from my mind. I have always remained in silence, knowing that the moment I start thinking I lose that consciousness. Last night's experience was different. After being in silence, I carried on thinking. I even analysed the experience. Yet, my thoughts made no difference to the experience; I was still locked in Peace's embrace. Even when I swapped from lying on one side to the next, I was still in the clouds.

I was like a baby in her mother’s arms. The baby is gurgling away sweet nothings while her mother is hugging her and giving her love. Here I was deep in thought and being allowed to think to my heart's content, while I was still aware of being in cloud nine. My thoughts made no difference to the perfection of Being.

My thoughts turned to the notion of stillness. It has been my understanding that when you are being God, you are in stillness. There I was thinking away and I was very much conscious of being encapsulated in this cloud. As I write this, I am aware of being in the cloud.

This shows that it matters not whether you are still or not, God is beyond even our notion of stillness. God is beyond definitions.

Just as well I know God is unconditioned and expect the unexpected. Otherwise, I would feel as overwhelmed as people must have felt when they were forced to change their world view from seeing the earth as flat to the earth as round.

What? Is the earth round? Says who? No Way!

In Love's Embrace,

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