Thursday, August 18, 2005


Be True to YourSelf

Oneness is not sameness.

Each of us is the One, yet each of us is unique.

Our uniqueness is like asking different people to describe the same event without embellishment. Everyone will describe the event in their own way. While their descriptions may have similarities, the way they construct their sentences will be different. Some people might even prefer to write songs or music about the event, some might paint, while others might dance. We all have our ways of being; that is what makes us unique and we must never deny our uniqueness.

To find the real You, let the real You reveal Itself. I like the idea of channelling the Self. I pretend there is an opening on my crown shaped like a funnel and I intend that the real Me channels through until I am filled up. Then I go about my day knowing I am being myself.

Last night on my way home from town I missed the bus I wanted, but there was another bus right behind. I beckoned for it to stop but it went past. A few minutes later another bus turned up. During the journey a young woman got on. She reminded me of someone I went to school with. I found her face interesting, there was something so fresh about her beauty. I didn't want to over-indulge in thinking so I let the thought go. She soon swapped seats.

At the end of the journey, I heard the woman asking the bus driver how to get somewhere. It turned out I was going part of the way so we waited for the next bus together. She said she had been invited round to her aunt's for dinner but she was running late. We had a laugh about her diet as a fish eating vegetarian who also occasionally eats turkey.

She said she liked my name and I told her why I chose it. She didn't feel her name was that special; she named several famous people with the same name as hers. I told her no one could express her name the way she did. There is no other like her. She said sometimes she knows when she's been carried away with the crowd and not being herself. She has to stop and be true to herself.

There may be thousands of Sharons but each Sharon is unique in the way she expresses her Sharon.

If you are reading this D, be true to yourself. You are wonderful just as you are.

Each of us is the One, but we are also unique in being the One.

There is only One Enocia

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