Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Appearances Can Be Deceptive

One of my favourite films is The Truman Show, which I watched again recently. It is about a man called Truman who has been living in a reality TV show all his life without realising this. His wife, parents, friends, colleagues and acquaintances are all actors. The climatic changes and nature are all special effects. Slowly, Truman begins to suspect that all is not as it seems. He remembers a time when he fell in love with a girl, who was also an actress in the show. But her feelings for him were very real. She tried to tell him the truth that his life is not real but she was whisked away by another actor who claimed to be her father. When Truman asked the man where he was taking her, he said Fiji.

Truman eventually marries another girl the producer has set up for him, gets himself a job in insurance, a mortgage and living a normal life. Yet he never forgets his one true love. He makes a collage of the girl's face from pictures he finds in women's magazines. He also plans to go to Fiji where he believes he will be reunited with his one true love.

Finally, Truman realises he is not happy living the way he is, and he is not in love with his wife. He makes his escape by sea, even though he's afraid of water. The producer tries to stop him by creating a storm but Truman doesn't care if he drowns. In the end Truman's boat hits the inside walls of the dome. For the first time the producer of the show speaks to Truman. He explains to him that he's been living in a television show where he is the star. It is a life that is safe compared to what is outside. The producer convinces Truman to stay but Truman decides to take his chances outside.

The dome that was created for Truman is very similar to what we experience right now as earth. Earth is like an expanded version of a Planetarium created for us to have different types of experiences. Climatic conditions are special effects. Space is part of the illusion. What keeps the planetarium going is the mind behind the scenes. This mind is a combination of beliefs of all humanoid species of what is possible.

There are majority of people who are being programmed by mind to act in a particular way. They follow the programme of childhood, teenage years, and adulthood. They follow the educational system, some go on to university and then go to work. At a certain age, the parenting programme kicks in and you find people preoccupied with wanting to have a family. Because the programme has a belief in aging, sickness and death, it is imperative that new bodies replace the old in order to keep the illusion going. Every moment thousands die or move out of this programme and every moment thousands are born to replace the old. And so the programme goes on. You can tell when you meet someone who is ruled by the programme - when you look into their eyes, it's as is there is no one home.

There are a few who can see behind the appearances that what we experience as nature, houses, people, are mere simulations. They realise that there is a technology behind the scenes, but their realisation doesn't end there. They also realise that the real power is not the mind technology but that which is free of all concepts. It is at this void level that one can bypass mind and change forms within the simulation.

Next time you look in your cupboards and you see them bare, remember that the space you are looking in is part of the simulation. Know that there is only one Power behind it all and you are that Power. You can change the simulation right in front of you, you only have to believe.

We could all continue to play the game and following the rules blindly. Or we can wake up from the programme and be the mind behind the mind behind the simulation.

Never be fooled by appearances.

I am Love,

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