Friday, July 01, 2005


We are Source Codes

Anyone who is setting up his or her own website or blog must have come across the dreaded HTML (HyperText Markup Language), unless you don't mind them of course. You want to know what I really think of HTMLs? Aaargh! Aaargh!

HTMLs instruct the computer how a web page should appear when it has been published. HTMLs are written in what is called "tags" on a web template. All the instructions are called Source Codes. There are infinite permutations of HTMLs that create the different web pages on the Internet.

I have been playing around with the fonts and HTMLs on this blog. I noticed my posts were not appearing individually as they do on my other blog. In other words, my other blog was a reminder that a reality exists where one can list one's previous posts. I knew there were sets of instructions that may have been omitted from this template. This knowing led me to check the source codes on my other blog and compare the two. Sure enough, I didn't have the instructions on this website's template to list previous posts. You can't ask a computer to create something when you haven't given it the instructions. So I updated my template with the instructions and eh voila! previous posts are now listed.

You only have to surf the web to observe web pages of infinite styles and colours. This means there are many ways of using HTMLs. Imagine opening a web page and presuming all web pages should look like this one. If that were true, we'll all be the same, look the same, speak the same and want to do the same things. Your web page is just one of infinite ways one can have a website. Vivre la difference!

I believe the one Self in all is a template of infinite source codes. These codes or instructions are perfect lives the One has envisaged for all of us. Since it is the same One in all, these codes are in all. Each of us is the One and, at the same time, each of us is a walking web page.

We all have the ability to instruct the computer within to create lives of absolute perfectionn, but only as the One can this be achieved. If you think of yourself only as a web page with limited source codes, this is how you should expect to live. Remember, we only need to know we have all source codes and not worry about the how, just let the computer do its work.

We are Source Codes! You will be re-designed. Resistance is futile.

Love, Light and Source Codes,

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