Monday, July 25, 2005


Too Old to Hopscotch?

I’m waiting outside the library when
A woman and two young girls arrive.
The girls while away the time
Hopscotching on the pavement.
How freeing to jump
About as and when you please.

I remark to their mother
How much energy the girls have.
I tell her how I loved
Hopscotching as a child.
Before I know it,
I am hopping right behind them.

My legs feel heavy,
And a trifle unsteady,
But I feel as free as a bird.
Few squares down,
A slipper goes flying.

I look back to see the girls staring.
Have I stepped into a territory
Reserved only for kids?
Am I too old to hopscotch,
Or am I projecting?
Stop thinking, just be.

I try again and I hop quite a distance
Then I stop and hopscotch back.
"See, I did it!" I say to the girls;
Maybe, it's more for my benefit.
See, I can hopscotch
As and when I please.

In Wonder,

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