Thursday, July 14, 2005


To Remember is to Be

I am at a bus stop and a man joins me. He is anxious to get his bus. He asks me whether the buses are running. As far as I know they are. I tell him this particular bus seems to travel in pairs. He says that he’s observed buses travelling in a pack. I ask him if he knows the noun for a collection of buses. He says maybe they are called "pride." The thought of a "pride of buses" makes me laugh. He says he is curious to know if there is a word.

Hang on a minute, am I experiencing déjà vu? I can remember not too long ago when I asked another passenger what a collection of buses was called. The man didn't know, but another time while waiting at the same bus stop, another passenger came up with an appropriate word. Now if only I can remember that word.

What if I can remember by being the experience?. I can see myself as the bus stop and the other passenger. I am the woman speaking to another passenger about the buses. I am the buses. I am the word she's using to describe a collection of buses.

I can feel the word in silence but can't remember. Aaargh!

I am now being the experience but detached from the experience. Being leads me to check my previous writings and I find the relevant article. I am reading the article. Aha, the word is "convoy."

All experiences exist in the now. You want to remember an experience, be the experience and let it guide you to what you need to remember or be.


I am Being Enocia but not Enocia

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